Increase cortisol = crash

I appreciate this doesn’t happen to everyone but I will ask in case someone has an idea?

I am looking into hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat symptoms of PFS and have sourced several places who will provide treatment. An increase in oxygen from this treatment will increase adrenal function and therefore increase cortisol.

A few weeks into my crash I took an adrenal supplement at 1/10/th the normal dose which caused a bad crash within an hour. My body went cold, penile shrinkage and loss of libido.

It seems that a spike in cortisol can worse symptoms.

Q) Does anyone know if our stress response to cortisol settles down over time?

I’m guessing it does but a few here have reported worsening of symptoms after cortisol has been increased from acupuncture.

I will do a separate post on oxygen therapy if this proves successful.

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did you do the treatment ?