In what season did you guys develop PFS/PAS/PSSD?

Hello everybody,

do you remember in what season you crashed?
Summer, spring, autumn?

Did a stressfull period preceded the crash or any major life change ?
I think it would be interesting to collect as much data as possible. Maybe we can find some commonalities.

Best regards and hope you guys are doing well!

BTW. I crashed in fall as well . After a stressful summer with lots of sun exposure.

Fall. Yes, very stressful.

Fall for me too. And yes the preceding time period was very stressful indeed.

Fall for me as well, not very stressful though.

For me it was the cold winter 20/21. I came to late to my fiancee’s house for cleaning the sidewalk from snow. She was angry and let me stand in front of the house. I fool thought OK it’s over and throated the ugly scat pills. I have been a fool. I started the pills out of an emotional reaction. Instead of drinking a bottle ron and starting up a struggle and reunion.

For years I planed to make a borderliner rescue program for extreme situations to learn to calm down and back to reality by eating a citron or a spicy peppermint drop but I never did. My shit therapist did nothing, absolutely nothing without saying: Hello how do you feel today. Would be better to make s therapy with a dog or a cat.

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Spring/summer. I don’t think susceptibility has anything to do with the season or stress levels.

Do you think it’s just genetic predisposition?

Yes I think that’s most likely.

Another option would be we have all been primed by some other unknown exposure to some herb in our food or something. But that’s pure speculation.