In need of some studies


Tomorrow I’m going to go to see a gastroenterologist for some colon hidroptherapy session and I’m in need of some studies so I can explain all the shitfest that I’ve gotten myself into.

Could you guys link me some good studies?


I wouldn’t waste my time and money with something like that. What do you expect it to achieve? It’s pseudo-scientific with no basis in reality.


Ever heard about the gut and brain connection?


I don’t buy that at all.


Why exactly? Gut health Is pretty important, or at least that’s what it seems, in regards of a lot of recoveries.
Just look at BrongFogBoy who did a microbiota transplant.


Correct. A colon hydrotherapy session is not going to do anything positive for your gut health. It’s evidence is predicated on the removal of supposed ‘toxins’ from the body. It’s based on the theory of autointoxication.The theory can be traced back to the medicine of most ancient cultures. In the west, there came from the idea that all diseases were caused by the imbalance of the four body humors; conversely, health constituted a balanced mix of these humors. Waste products formed in the intestinal tract were thought to be a major potential contributor to humoral imbalance.

It’s been proven to be inaccurate. In fact there’s a good deal of evidence that such kinds of aggressive procedures are damaging to the body.

A few studies to peruse:

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Well, my opinion is that the whole gut-brain connection thing is just another chemical imbalance type theory based on the bio-bio-bio model of mental illness, which ignores completely psychology, trauma, life circumstances, etc and promises simple solutions (magic bullets) for complex problems. In the same vein, I also don’t believe most of the psychological and the so called neurological symptomsof PFS are the result of a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters, even though of course low levels of some has been established. This would be a long post that I want to write some day when I have more time and energy.