Impossible to sweat

What does it mean that I can not sweat at all? I was in the sauna with a jacket on and did not produce a drop of sweat. Do any of you have this problem???

I don’t have that problem. I used to not have any body odor, but that came back with time. So it’s possible that I didn’t sweat much a while ago.

Googling shows that other (non-pfs, I assume) people have asked the same question, so it’s not necessarily a strange and alarming thing to happen. One response I just read on your behalf was that sometimes saunas just aren’t that hot, and though warm aren’t enough to trigger sweating. Have you tried spending half an hour on a treadmill at a pace that you find difficult to maintain? Are you hydrated? Etc.

Interesting, I figured it was a lack of testosterone being used or something along those lines. I am definitely hydrated and had used that sauna before and sweat a lot so I don’t believe those are the issues.

Might be nerve related. There’s a few that’s been diagnosed with small fibre neuropathy and it can lead to low/no sweating.

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I used to sweat a lot before the crash, after the incident I don’t sweat at all, I think it’s super weird

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Maybe we have the same type of pfs did you start and stop again?

i dont understood your question.

I think we all have low body temp after getting hit with pfs. I’m sure that has something to do with it

I also sweat very little after PFS. I work out pretty consistently, and I only begin sweating on the hardest workouts. It’s really weird.

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I have this too. I feel very overheated before I begin to sweat and then it’s profusely once I breach that threshold.

Not sure if there is such a thing as “androgenic” sweating, but I would always sweat under my pits after going through puberty and it seemed to be enough to keep me feeling comfortable until the ambient temperature reached ~ 85F or I started exerting myself with temps above ~75F.

Now, I feel overheated from ~70-80 F resting or ~65-75F exerting myself and start pouring sweat and still feel overheated beyond those ranges.

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