Important note about donations

Dear everyone,

The staff is noticing that some people are currently donating to the PFS Foundation rather than the PFS Network. While we don’t want to actively discourage people from donating to the Foundation if they so wish, please keep in mind that these are two separate bodies and that the PFS Foundation currently has no upcoming research efforts planned.

So if you are donating specifically for the purpose of helping fund the upcoming study, please make sure to donate to the PFS Network instead.

As announced by @sugarhouse earlier, we are currently $40,000 away from resourcing what is likely the most important PFS study yet, and we want to emphasize our gratitude for the community’s commitment and the donations that have already been done.


How high is the possibility we will find a possible treatment from the findings of this new study?

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It’s more an attempt at figuring out why PFS is happening and what the mechanism is. I wouldn’t count on a cure from just this study yet, but regardless of how you look at it, it will be a significant step closer.


I see, regardless it will take us a step closer again. Thanks for your hard work!

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Understand the mechanisms and you’re a step closer Orthodox medicine has never been tried because pfs isn’t recognised, For all we know there could be something to treat us out there already. We’ve been pissing in the wind for two decades trying to stem the symptoms without understanding the disease. Get this behind us and we’ll be in new territory. Targeting our approach. The optimist in me tells me that we could be a lot closer than we think. My two cents worth


This is the right way of looking at it.

Our primary objective right now is to elucidate the mechanisms involved in PFS. If we are able to achieve this objective, we can move onto modelling PFS in animals which not only allows us to establish a causal link between the drug and the disease, but also look at trialling targeted therapeutic treatments.

The latter is not possible without the former, otherwise you’re just flinging shit at the wall to see what sticks.

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