Important! Help me decide pls

Guys, I’ve a varicocele surgery booked for the 21st of July but I don’t know if I should do it.

I’ve seen two urologists in the past 4 months, the first one was a bit of a dickhead and just told me that I’ve got this grade 3 left side varicocele and other than that I am completely fine.
The second one told me that my prostate is inflamed and agrees that its the result of taking 5ari for months, he thinks the varicocele is completely unrelated to my symptoms and that it’s probably not even grade 3 (actually I cannot see it myself).
Anyway, recently I have weird pains down there but mostly in my dick and where I think my prostate is. So I wouldn’t say the varicocele is causing pain itself.
But still I found out that a varicocele could cause some similar sides to ours presumably by imbalancing hormones, although it generally lowers T, which in my case is super high (>1100).
Now not having pain directly in my left testicle and not having low T I am considering cancelling the surgery BUT then there are these reddit posts!!!:

Particularly the first one is what makes me still wanna do it, although it seems the guy says it was painful and visible in his case…

@MOONCHILD underwent varicocele surgery with no complications, if I remember correctly. Check his old posts to be sure.

How did they find it? Did they do a Doppler for the Varicole?

Also how did they diagnose the inflamed prostate?

Varicocele is diagnosed with ultrasound.

I would do the surgery to be honest. I also have some varicocele on my left nut only. It’s not grade 3 though.

If they would offer me surgery for it I would opt for it. Even if not hurtful, I’ve read multiple studies showing it can damage your testicle in the long term. Also varicocele is known to decrease sperm quality due to the extra heat it brings.

But it’s still a surgery which could come with complication, although rare. You have to decide for yourself what to do.

I had varicocele prior to Fin, and after PFS it got worse.

What about yours?

@sg8627 @Cbrandel @TFD

Ok so, the first uro 2/3 months ago actually used something, Idk what machine it was but he put some cream/stuff on my balls and used this thing attached to a monitor if I remember correctly lol, he was also able to make me ‘hear’ the blood passing in my balls veins I don’t remember if by that same machine. Anyway after this he told me it’s grade 3.
I pretended to have some pain so he would book me the surgery bc I thought if in 3 months I don’t get better it could be related maybe.
The second uro never used devices and told me my prostate is inflamed after sticking his finger where u know bc while doing that I would get pain/burning sensation trough the tip of my penis (and lower back soreness too).
My symptoms 100% match w prostatitis, a bit less w varicocele but some relation could be there who knows.

I have no idea if I had the varicocele even before all this, so I can’t tell if it got worse

I was told that I have varicocele too, but the doctor didn’t think it had a big influence on my symptoms. He was like “we can try and see”, but didn’t seem very hopeful. Perhaps your varicocele is worse?

@Fuckmyhair Yeah that procedure your talking about with the gel is an ultrasound.

I had the same done to me after I got severe testicular pain in my left nut.

It looked fine, but had some varicocele. Pain was only intense for a few hours and it was after I had biked home from work. So I thought it had to do with that, not the Fin. It was not before later that I understood what it really was.

I’ve no idea if I had varicocele before that though, or if I developed the varicocele due to Fin.

Keep us update if you decide to do the surgery or not, and also the outcome!

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I will, tbh rn I feel like doing it just based on reddit posts lol and the fact that a lot of us here have it but almost nobody went for the surgery it seems.
Basically Im hoping the 5ari caused it (my urologist disagree) and removing it would somehow allow/facilitate my recover. That’s the dream.
Main downside would be wasting a few weeks of summer at home post surgery which Id avoid if I knew it’s completely useless but who the fuck knows

Yes I had varicocele, at that time I didn’t know that my sexual side effect were because PFS.

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did u get any benefit from the surgery? @MOONCHILD

It is hard to say, but for PSF symptoms the answer is NO. But varicocele can impact in fertility, and that was the main reason that I made the decision and got the surgery done.

My last lab (this year 2021) serum testosterone levels is 600, but wasn’t related to the varicocele surgery.
The varicocele surgery was on February 2013, after the surgery my testosterones remain low, oscillating between 280 and close to 400 for many years 2012-2016), 2018 I found that my testosterone was close to 500, and now this year in 600…
It is moving up since I started feeling better, I consider my self PFS free of symptoms. But I still having sporadic panic attack. 1 or 2 per year. But is not big deal, I can handle it. My panics attack before my recovery were constants, I can’t say that 2 or 3 for week.
I always rejected the use of TRT and I always will.

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