Important Announcement: Two Community-Led Research Projects - Please Participate


unfortunately i havent been able to take the test and upload quick enough due to a bone headed mistake i made (thanks brain fog), but im working on the 23&me i promise.

was wondering if anyone can tell me what the progress on increasing this community by allowing PSSD and PAC victims to join us is at this moment

@awor @axolotl

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Post-SSRI and Accutane patients are more than welcome to join us here. I hope when we launch the cross-drug survey, many will join this site, as it is a pre-requisite for participation. As to their respective admins closing down their sites and merging with us, I don’t believe this will happen anytime soon. Some still seem to believe that fragmentation is more promising than joining forces.


Have you thought about renaming the site so the URL redirects from here to something like With a note “formerly known as propeciahelp”

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I got an email from 23 and me today saying there was a problem with my DNA sample so I have to send it to them again.


It’s a good question. Strategically and technically there are reasons why we are not currently going to do this in the immediate future but we certainly have a rebrand in line with the bigger picture on the table in the medium term.

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ok uploaded my results. any word on how many more we need?


Good afternoon everyone, I’m Brazilian, it’s the first time I speak on the forum, and I would like to help, but I do not speak English, I’m using the translator!

How could you help them in this research?

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Welcome brasilianguy! We are glad that you want to help.

Unfortunately, it appears that 23andme does not ship to Brazil. So you may not be able to help with Project 1. However, the survey will hopefully launch in the next couple of days and we need as many people as we can get to fill out. So you will be able to contribute there.

There have been quite some Brazilian guys on this forum over the years. Is there a Brazilian PFS community? It would be helpful to have the Brazilian community on board here, especially given that the survey will hopefully launch soon.

Meanwhile, you could post your member story here:


unfortunately I do not know any community here, I am looking forward to the results of the research.


I’ve just uploaded my 23andme DNA results.


Just uploaded 23andme DNA results. Completed the survey a week or so ago as well.


When will the “Comprehensive Symptom Survey” be available?

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Hi @nick.leger2314, it’s available now to members who have participated in the forum and have been experiencing persistent effects at least three months following cessation. As you’re new, a great first step would be to share your story in the member stories category. Once you’ve participated a bit the system will issue you an invite via email, and you’ll be able to access the survey via the bar graph icon in the top right corner of the forum on a desktop/laptop.


Ok, thank you. I submitted my 23&me raw data and will share my story in the stories category. Since I stopped finasteride 4 days ago, I’m guessing I’ll have to wait 3 months to see if my symptoms persist before completing the survey?


Yes, that’s correct - PFS entails symptoms that do not resolve or develop upon cessation. Hopefully by then what you are experiencing will be behind you.