I'm straight on the way to a psychiatric unit

Now everything is going weird in my head. I lay in bed half the day. My house is like a messi bunker, I’m disconnected to entire reality. I have no clean clothes, no clean dishes, peed closet, never washed myself, no food from the grocery, fridge is empty, muscles weak, calve wasting, limps cold, feets red like diabetes, feminized, dick doesn’t functioning…

Finasterid has lobotomized myself. I’m out of order! Total fatalistic in my chair…In my wasted house, in my mental destroyed live. I’m a mental pharma victim, lobotomized and castrated! I have been a man with a huge cock forever.

Finasterid destroyed my brain!

Bupoprion doesn’t work!

I hope so much to write once a recovery story. As an older guy leading the youngsters the right way.


I can relate to everything please stay strong brother! :pray::pray::pray:

@Toughluck24 Thanks for your reply. You can relate everything. This being an animal in a wasted cage?!

Then I killed myself with this f…cking Prostate Pills, a criminal urologist gave me a year before just to try!

Its not the fact, its the dramatic selfharming without checking the internet the animal doctor, what hurts me and make my brain wired…

and I think Fin damages the brain.

On the other hand, I’m 59. The only chance I have is to life the live of an old asexual grandfather?
All the guys in their twenty’s have a much harder lot. They have to live a whole live without dick and girls.
And they survive!
Or order a titan penile prothesis, like moonman 1 did?!
But my brain explode, by all this imaginations.

@Exsexgod, please don’t take offence, but as an older member of this community it would be nice to see you give younger folk hope and share your wisdom rather than carrying on about your formerly ‘big cock’.


You are right! @orthogs

But I don’t want to blame here someone like I had a boner for 59 years and you’re f…cked down so young, because we are so rare with this case, that we all in the same boat. 1 of 10.000 what a bad lottery.
10 of 100.000
100 of 1.000.000
900 of 9.000.000 prescriptions in USA?
or 9000 of 9.000.000?!
We all had to confront chemical castration, the worst thing you can do to a man, of 18 or 80! This experience kills your soul.

so my new situation with ED and all the neurological and physiologial damage I cannot accept up to now. I hang in here, because in the other world Im out. But I still think its all a nightmare, I ll wake up soon.

And this is not funny because you think of suicide to make the great mistake suck the fucking pills with no reason in an act of selfharming unhappen!

Meanwhile, I can’t get out of bed at all. My house is neglected to the garbage dump. I can’t do it anymore. I need help.

I stay alone in my house. I stay alone with my rental house. I have to organize it. I have to organize my live.

And I’m out of order!

I need psychosocial support
Some one from the social support unit who helps me.

If getting harder I have to go to the psychiatric hospital.

Holy shit, I have lost control over my live.

unfortunately this isn’t unheard of. How are you paying your bills? You’re currently out of work? For a long time, I had to force myself to brush my teeth, take showers, prepare meals, etc. I still do. To say Finasteride has ruined my life is an understatement.

Thank you dear Damon @Dknighten so much for taking care of mine
I stay totally alone. My daughter and her mother life on their own in the city. My ex fiance has cut me off of her live like maligne cancer. No more family.

I’m out of work since 2003 because of Borderline. I had some relationships most of the time stayed alone with so many hobbies. And a live I loved.

I can pay my bills via online Banking. You’re f…cked hard by this poison. Are you still studying to get once doctor of

Are you still living on your own. Still organize your live with all your symptoms. Than I have to go on and not give up because of fatigue and depression.

This afternoon I met a friend. He told me again to force my self to stand up at 9 o clock and to do the daily routine. And if as s Roboter. Hanging in bed makes one more weaker and to stand up later and everything is wasting up so that is the vicious circle :o:

It’s so incredibly that our lives destroyed by a legal prescribed drug, wich should give us benefits. The worst thing Finasterid was much to early for my prostate. The criminal urologist gave it with me just to try.

Yes. I am still in school. One day at a time. I live with roommates and pay my bills off student loans. It would be hard enough without PFS but I know what the alternative is. If I dropped out and let PFS win then I’d probably be dead via sucide, or worse, within 2-3 years. So I just go one day at a time, but I have to atleast get my DPT degree.

Organizing my life is very hard. My memory, organization, motivation, all of it is completely screwed up. I have a lot of trouble remembering things, organizing my use of time, motivation to do anything at all. I have to force myself to do daily tasks and structure my day somewhat otherwise I’d come back from class and just sleep or stare at the wall for the rest of the day. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep, really bad cortisol issues, muscle weakness, etc. So I write a lot of things down, put it in my calendar on my phone, I have like 5 alarms set in the mornings, I try to keep my study area and room clean. I am working on eating a more healthy diet and moving my body more. This is very difficult when I’ve noticed zero benefit from any of it over the past 3 years, but I do feel worse when I eat some fast food or eat ice cream. I don’t feel better when I eat healthy, but I feel worse when I eat bad.


“If I dropped out and let PFS win then I’d probably be dead via sucide, or worse, within 2-3 years. So I just go one day at a time, but I have to atleast get my DPT degree.”

Dear @Dknighten Damon

First of all, you’re a real young hero fighting for your dream. We all know the “ugly bitch” fatigue and loss of 'androgen powered" drive and you do it only with your mental power and an iron will.

Yeah, all my live I cold stay alone packed my bicycle on my car made a wonderful tour through the Netherlands back in the evening. Walking, Swimming, nice little tours, affairs, fiance, friends, buzzing but now I’m unable to stay alone and staying alone in my house PFS eats me.

I have to do everything to reorganize my live. Out off the bed at 9 am. Doing the household, going to the gym, walking, cycling again. Looking for volunteer work. Meet friends again. Engagement for natural protection. Cut out my stunning super sexy Ex fiance from my thoughts.

Hanging up in bed all the time, yes PFS gets us all. So thank you so much, I follow your live, without women, partnership and sex we have to give us support each other.

ExSex :sleepy:


I am 22 years old and I am also in school. I also have a lot of trouble falling asleep,ED,testicular atrophy muscle weakness, etc.But I try my best to study well and want to find a good job to earn money.Our life is not over yet, we need to live stronger


That’s the spirit! You have issues falling asleep or sleeping in general? For me falling asleep is much easier than sleeping long (like 4-6 hours straight)