Im Recovering Getting Better Every Day

Hello Everyone
This Is My First Post Here, i was a silent reader here for 1 year and never saw a post till previous 1 year… Iam Getting better everyday so im fullfilling the promise i made to myself to help everyone. Iam A Medical Student Myself Not A complete Doctor Yet. I Gave my all to get better and i found out. (I make grammantical errors so sorry for that im not that good in English)
My Story:
I took finasteride for short time (a month or so) i faced every bad side effect most of the People Mention like
No Libido No Erections
Fucked up Metabolism
Brain Fogging
Blurry Vision
Joint Pains and lethargicness whole day.
Efforts And Cure:
Exercise Everyday… Eat veggies … no supplements (except whey protein) and No Masturbation
Yeah No Masturbation for at least 4 months…
You have to understand here that what we are facing is Zero or very nil Sperm Count Problem luckily our body keeps making sperm till we die, but its amount varies as we get beyond 30-35 , so if you’re under 30 , you have everything To Get Cured.(if you’re beyond 30 It’ll take a bit more time)
No need to spend on Supplements, they only make you more sick(Trust me on This).
They raise your testosterone levels then you feel good for some days and eventually crash worse than before.
That’s because Testosterone and sperm count are inversely proportional means if you increase Testosterone suddenly you’ll see sperm count declining…and we are the people with very low sperm count right now( masturbate and see you’ll eject just watery fluid) . So what we have to do here is keep our sperm count high That’s what we can do by not ejaculating. (Some people may argue that sex makes you better at recovery, No it doesn’t i can give many proofs but i don’t want to make this very long, I’ll create new post for that if somebody wanna know)
So i Repeat Again
No Masturbation ( Most Important, You have to Go No fap for 4 months anyhow) This is the first step if you cant do this nothing is gonna work.
Good Diet (Iam A Vegetarian i ate green Veggies , and sprouts as primary foods)
Don’t avoid fats( i mean good fats) , fats are very very important, they boost your testosterone naturally.
Dry Fruits (Almonds (soaked Overnight) )
Milk and Curd Everyday…
You have to train Like A beast (eat eat eat and Train Like a beast)
I worked out 6days a week (5 exercises of 4 sets weight lifting and 10 min treadmill)
Early to bed and wake up early.
So Basically Its all about going Keen On Healthy Lifestyle something what we know already.
I See People here are stuck with Solving Mysteries of medicines…and lot of bullshit.
We don’t need that , we need to give our body suitable environment to recover… we need to conserve our sperm(repeating again and again)
Our body has immense power of self healing specially with hormones.
And Please Dont Keep Checking on your erections, by watching Porn and other adult stuff ( i used to do it too , you’re telling your mind that you can’t get it up)
So Go Strict on Yourself , Don’t keep on checking here if that makes you uncomfortable and sad all the time , stay happy like you were before. Join Your friends ,indulge in activities that makes you happy.

Patience: You’ll be worried abiut its a long process, bro you’ll go years after years in studying crap related to this , so its better to give yourself 6 to 8 months (No Masturbation) . Find ways to get distracted from porn and Sexual Stuff.
Remember in first week your sex drive will be at peak which will pull you back to masturbate ( its your body resetting as you’re addict to porn) you have to pass that. Then slowly in about 30 days you’ll feel your testicles getting heavier (good sign) as ur natural sperm and testosterone will be increasing. And rest you’ll see yourself.

My Current Condition:
Everything is cured , yes everything
I masturbate again now ,in 10 - 15 days a once…im gonna quit masturbating forever slowly.
I feel falling back if i do it excessively like 3 times in a day. Im back to happy normal life. I Thank God For that.

There might be people who’ll not believe me or may say it doesn’t work or its unscientific…
I would like to say its your choice, if you wanna get better…or just stay how you are already.
I’ll be open to any questions if anybody wanna ask.
I might have missed something I’ll make them clear in next few posts.
I’ll Share My Exact Diet And Routine and Give All The reasons and explanations To Everything, just let me know if you want.

Have A Nice Day


Did you have other symptoms? Like loss of sensational feelings in the skin, bad orgasms etc?

Hi bro, congrats first of all

I would like to know if you had cold penis, testicular shrinkage (I hate this one, could you explain this phenomenon), and if you think that it’s the very same condition no matter which drug u used (I used antidepressants for example and suffer same sides)

Also, how old are you? And the only thing that make you not completely recovered is that if u fap u return to pfs?? Wouldn’t it be real for real sex too? So in case u make sex like a normal person y return to disease state?

And what about alcohol? Can u drink it normally and eat shit without getting worse again?

Sry for lot of questions

Yes Brother I have Faced These Problems of complete coldness , i remember once there was a time when i was watching porn and i couldn’t feel nothing no movement in penis…i cried a lot after that…my testicles and penis were really shrinked.
Yes you can face same side effects from Antidepressants too. BECAUSE these medicines are messing and with our sperm .(Now Don’t get into Mechanism and all)
And I was 19 years old when i took Finasteride for hair loss, now im 22 , feeling better since last 6-8 months, my recovery took time because i was unaware of right methods, like other people i was also getting too much into research papers.

i Keep Falling Back to pfs if i Fap ( Never faced a complete setback though)
No fap is really hard job , i managed to not do it for 3 months somehow (No Porn, No Nude Stuff, Not even Webseries or Movies that can Provoke me to Fap , No Adultery In Mind) that’s how i controlled myself.
And my major results were all after this 3 month No Fapping. Now From Last 4 months I masturbate As i told in previous post, i feel like im falling back but i never do completely , i abstain it for a week and i feel really Normal.

You Won’t Fall Back To ill state if you can follow complete no fap For 8 months or a Year, I’ll explain
You Must Be Familiar With Bodybuilders using Testosterone Injections for competing, They face the same issue of Testicular Shrinkage and Erectile Dysfunction.(Not Everytime,but most professionals do atleast once in their career) Why? BECAUSE of as i told testosterone and sperm count are inversely proportional, now ive seen many videos of bodybuilders in which they tell that they take hcg Injections to boost their sperm counts fast , otherwise it takes around one year For Sperm Count to set back To Normal.
Now I won’t recommed you to take those hcg Injections if you’re thinking like that, its a whole different procedure where you’ll need to take more drugs to go hand in hand or else there will be more sides, and i was scared of that, so stay natural.
So Here’s your Answer, follow Nofap for A Year ,till then your body will acccumulate lots of sperm cells, like you were before and there will be no falling back whatsoever.
Still Not Convincing?
Okay, Shrinkage indicates nil or zero sperm. It means Your body needs time to make Sperm from Zero Point. And A sperm cycle in human takes about 64 days for new sperm And then a week more (72 days )for making it highly Active, so after no fapping of 72 days the very fresh sperm will be made in your body(keep your nutrition high)
Then after that Everyday New sperm will start to get stored in your body because A Chain of 72 days will be established.(means everyother day a chain of 72 days will be getting completed ).
Now we know that sperm cells too have a life cycle they degenerate if left unused, yes its true but those degenerated sperm gets to raise our testosterone levels, a beautiful mechanism of our body to balance that inverse proportionality.
So if you Abstain Fapping for around 1 year, i assure you’ll be really Normal.
Tough way but sure way, i can bet, and if you can dare to hold on for 2-3 months, you’ll realise yourself that you’re going to Be Normal. Trust me man i was Dancing when i realised my Dick is getting up Even when im talking to my girlfriend on phone.

And Yeah No Drinking , No Smoking For at least first 3 months And occasionally for the rest of the year.
I drink beer sometimes , never smoke.
Google about things that kill your sperm, avoid all those activities.

I gave my best to make you understand brother
Have a Nice day!

What do You Mean By Bad Orgasms ? And No Brother i never felt loss of sensation in skin exactly but i felt it in my penis, i was able to masturbate with an unerected dick , i felt good on it.

Dude holy shit first of all great post and im glad you are recovering well!

I am in a very similar situation you were and i first read this it HIT ME SO HARD IN THE GUTS.

You are so spot on with this. I keep doing this. Its really messing with my mind so much. I tell myself “lets just test it” and when nothing happens with my dick i get so paranoid and say “see! i didnt get hard”

The problem for me is that my ONLY side effect left is ED and lowish libido. Its fucking ruining me so bad because its a complete reversal from pre-fin and i hate it.

I am 3 months post Fin. I only took 3.5mg of the poison and i still got hit badly.

My questions for you:

Around when did your sexual sides improve? Are your erections back to 1000% normal pre-fin levels? What about libido and “visual libido”? (getting hard without touch)

Do you have any recommendations for me? How important would you say NoFap and NoPorn is to your recovery? (im currently 1 week on nofap)

Is there anything i can do generally to speed up healing?

Basically, are you saying that not releasing sperm AT ALL will fix our androgen sensitivity & levels in the brain?

Im scared that lack of erections and blood flow is gonna atrophy the penis

I guess u suffered from “porn addiction” rather than pfs. NoFap cannot bring those severely overexpressed Androgen Receptors back to pre pfs. NoFap increases testosterone way too much and many people here respond very badly to aTestosterone rise… but still nothing to lose here as NoFap is very good for health i agree.

Did u respond positively to exogenous androgens? Did u feel better after exercising? What were ur T levels once u came off the drug? Did u suffer muscle atrophy (severe thinning of arms and legs)?

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Bro I suffered 3 years with it, after taking finasteride , i know what i suffered.
You’re still stuck with too much of scientific terms…iam here just providing easy way out of problem in layman terms.
Please Don’t tell me what i suffered cause i know it better.

My sexual sides improved when i combined diet exercise and noFap altogether continously for 3months…From flaccid erections to short duration erections to rock solid erections in 3 months.
I Can’t say 100% because i kept falling back , but if i was doing it once in 15 days with good diet i was really 100% like prefin.
Which indicates i have to go like 6-8 months straight on Nofap.
Nofap is the first step and very important step towards recovery (Its good you’d started it already)
I Advice you to be Patient And consistent, keep yourself happy, there’s life out of sex too enjoy it for like 3 -4 months.
Also keep checking Nofap Forum for FAQs , im sure there will be many questions popping in your mind.

Good diet and proper sleep are best for speedy healing but don’t expect everything early, its a time taking process.
Bro i don’t believe this androgen receptor bullshit, even doctor’s havent discovered how they work yet.
There are many tribal people , saints who have sex occasionally once in a year are they are impotent? No man , there’s nothing like your androgen receptors will fail.
Animals breed only during mating season, once in a year or once in two years are they impotent. Come on man think smart, mother nature didn’t raised you on earth to just have sex.
While going on Nofap you’ll feel cold and empty initially , don’t be scared its the sign that you’re recovering, and you may face night falls and that’s okay, that involuntary discharge of semen is what you can’t control and is a part of recovery, but don’t cum with your choice.

This is most pathetic thing to say… it doesn’t mean anything if u believe in it or not… ya doctors don’t believe it becoz of these hypogonadal recovery posts. U didn’t mention ur bloods and claiming that u recovered via a healthy lifestyle which has already been tried by thousands here.

U don’t have any idea how many people here have become androgen resistant. They don’t respond to androgens at all.


Congratulations on your recovery

“Why? BECAUSE of as i told testosterone and sperm count are inversely proportional”

This is interesting…

I can say that I have noticed a pattern over the years. The once in a while instance when I experience anything that even somewhat resembles what orgasms use to feel like pre PFS. These instances will occur during the not so often times when my ejaculation looks somewhat white, thick and shoots out instead of leaking out. So maybe low sperm means poor orgasm.

Also myself and Ronnie99 have high testosterone in our urine. We don’t have high T in our blood but maybe urine is what’s really telling us if it’s high or not. Seeing that what’s in our urine is what the body is getting rid of. I mean why would the body get rid of something in high amounts unless it does not want it. So if testosterone and sperm are as you put it “inversely proportional” the body may be peeing out high amounts of testosterone because it’s lowering the sperm.

The other thing I can add is that for me I know it’s not just “watery looking ejaculation” because my sperm count test came back low.

The user Christkr is asking you if you also had poor orgasm because those of that get hit hard with the sexual sides don’t just get erection and labido issues. We also lose pleasurable orgasms. Like it just does not feel like anything.

Maybe I’ll try your theory. I mean it’s not like you are asking me to not eat for three months. Also it’s not like getting off is currently pleasurable. So really what’s the negative in doing this ? I don’t like to rush into “the next thing” so I’ll think about it for two weeks.

Good luck man
Combine healthy food like soaked sprouts (Chickpeas , Pulses)
Almonds and dried grapes with warm milk
Along with your Daily diet.
2 weeks is really less time brother…give minimum of 2 months to feel the improvement.
And yeah Good diet is most most important.

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My diet is good
It’s not exactly like yours because I eat meat but it’s good.

I’m saying 2 weeks as in I’m going to finish what I’m trying now which is something different and prepare to start this over the next two weeks. But once I start commit for the long run

After making the sperm count high over extended period of time I’ll run another urine testosterone test to see if the testosterone lowers

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@Indian So you didnt see any improvements in a year with PFS and then you did No Fap long term and noticed and notice a complete recovery?

Nice to hear you bro, thanks for the advice. NoFap is very hard for me because I’ve always been addicted to fapping.

Don’t u think it could be just a consequence of the act per se, like not a recovery but just better libido because of the abstinence. If u had sex with your girl for a whole weak for example, would you still be fine?

Also, coffee is bad for us?

Im happy to hear about your recovery dude! I will use some of the tips that you shared! Did you experience insomnia after you got off of fin? What did you do to fix it? just hitting the gym super hard?

Thanks again

Where are you from? Indian? Did you eat curry ?

I know Indians tend to eat a lot of curry. I read that curry has anti-inflammatory effects. Are you already doing the Kamasutram positions?

Glad to hear you pretty much recovered brotha! are you able to get drunk off alcohol?

So orgasms during sex should also be a no-go if I understand it correctly? Because of the semen conservation?

I @Indian

I am currently 3 weeks into nofap. How have things been going for you since?