I'm going to die

Devo riuscire a trovare il modo di arrivare a Modena. Credo che sia un importante passo in avanti

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Assulatamente si, fratello

Non poter lavorare è un grossissimo handicap… Specialmente se vieni da una famiglia povera

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Lo so, e se riesco ti aiuto…

While I very personally understand the frustration that many do not realise the enormous variability of patient conditions and the fragility of those most seriously affected, I think @orthogs comment is very important irrespective of that. It is a philosophical battle I had myself as I suffer profoundly without a quality of life. I am not in a stable condition and I accept what may happen. However, as long as I’m able I’ll do my best. There’s a reason so many great stories surround issues of struggle and self-sacrifice: It is a well appreciated virtue. This is an atrocity and an injustice. It needs to be addressed properly. What you are describing, what I am experiencing, is serious. PFS has claimed the lives of far too many good people already. I have read their accounts, read many letters from and spoken to family members. We all have the responsibility to do our best for us and them, because at this stage if we don’t, no one will.

You do, and that is the spirit I and others want to see :slight_smile:. If the only way you can help is enduring, focus on any way to do that. Shouting about how people should pay for what they’ve done to you will help about as much as the hundredth alternative health cure. We need consistent and considered progress so we can ultimately help everyone, especially those suffering the most, and protect others from what is a public health issue with profound implications. The evidence of what has happened to you is you @demon, as it is with @Rb26dett. We have a lot of patients clear that finasteride caused their condition but currently you two are the only patients of your respective substances, and as @awor has said clearly for years we know this is happening through a common demonstrable vector in those predisposed. You are both very important to this issue, and important as people. It doesn’t matter what someone thinks - patients here or elsewhere, family members trying to make sense of what they can see, clinicians unaware of the condition, researchers with a narrow theory - it only matters what is truly happening. Please focus on your inherent worth and find a way to be brave. As @orthogs said, you have the potential to do good. For me at least, this helps me endure whereas selfishly I would not. It gives me strength and purpose that helps me achieve things through immense adversity. How common is it to have such an important task as us? As Dickens wrote, it is a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done. And if I run out of road, then I do hope the next line about rest applies. As is true of all people, all we can do is choose what we do with the time we have.


You are probably referring to these posts, one of which discusses a lack of effect of imipramine on 3a-HSD activity:

…But, there appears to be a strong anti-androgenic effect of serotonin and serotonergic substances independent of any influence on enzyme activity:

Clomipramine and imiprimine may not be as safe as some of us assumed.


I can’t understand why, only a minimal part of people that take this drugs don’t recover the homeostasis…

Can we merge the topic “I’m going to die” with the topic “I prefer to die”? :joy:

I am just kidding, but it is quite terrible that the two top topics now are so similar and (rightfully) pessimistic. If you are feeling miserable, make sure to visit the coping section and you’ll probably find some things to feel good at least for a while


I’m on this forum from about 7 months and I read a lot of research that shows that even water is dangerous. We can’t eat tomatoes, cacao, sugar, carbs, carrots, meat, red fruits… Even air that we breath. I’m scared to eat everything. But isn’t normal. A normal people can eat lot of soy, cacao, tomatoes. Before I crash i could drink a lot of soy milk with chocolate and my T levels were ever fine…

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I’m not sure how serious you are about some of those, but I have avoided a few of them and am now eating all of them. The only thing on that list I avoid now is large quantities of tomatoes (tomato soup, pasta sauce).

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I’m serious… Everyone tell about worsening of symptoms after eat something…

I think I missed the memo on meat and red fruits then. Either way, I eat all of those things.

Even chocolate? I don’t touch chocolate from about 5 months…

my symptoms only worsen when i eat tomato sauce or soups

I’m Italian. I eat tomatoes souce every day and everywhere! If I can’t eat pizza, I prefer to die :joy:

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That’s curious, I have crashed from all kind of drugs but I have never had problems with tomatoes or chocolate. Pasta with tomato and cheese has always one of my main dishes.

Yes, I eat chocolate at least 3 times a week.

You’re telling me that I can eat chocolate again? :heart_eyes:

I’m telling you it doesn’t seem to affect me. I can’t say what’ll happen to anyone else, obviously.

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Yeah I’ve developed penile numbness on the medication over the past 3 days, usually it’s just not really sensitive but never numb, the glans feel numb and also developed the inability to orgasm. So I’m hoping things won’t get worse, if I don’t feel any different in a week or so mentally I’ll have to stop the medication as I feel terrible right now.

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