I'm cured from that poison


How is it going???


Still fighting man, got some improvements but still… 2.5 days of Saw Palmetto, enough to fuck me up for 1 year and 3 months by now. Who knows how long it will last for…


Ali is a fraud. Be warned.


Why do you say that?


Yes, of course he is. Great post.
This is common for frauds: rare posts and after several months they are cured by not showing any progress protocol but rather saying it was the liver, some supps etc.
The big question for me is: are these guys paid by someone? M.would not like seeing lots of pfs suffer suiciding themselves. You can be sure. Then, this would go immensily public.
And who would even then buy anything from M.?
AS long as there is no Baylor study out and no real! hope for the cure, there is no point in doing distraction from the problem by putting those trials on that platform.
I told that the foundation.
Where are we after 5 years of research? Nowhere re cure. Why is Baylor not out? Are there any inconvenient results like even possible mutation among some pfs suffer?
M.fears the truth. But there is no lawyer for the truth. Fin is not invented against any problems. It is for another reason. Ignite knows what I mean.


Tomas, as far as I know ( asked 58 people in my city who took Dutasteride and got destroyed), no one has recovered fully. Some have got back 50 percent of what they lost.

The damages are permanent. Unfortunately, we got destroyed. Many did not. There needs to be a debate and research on this. Why one guy does not suffer so much while another got destroyed when both were on the same regimen. In my study almost 50 percent got destroyed.


There is no escape. Sorry to say this. But, the poison stays in the body for eternity, i guess. Something dangerous is happening ince the poison takes over.


Dutasteride killed me, Propecia never had a problem, dut is especially evil as it blocks both dht1 and dht2… huge mistake,

I’ve come close to being cured but it was a ton of work, then over time it reverts back… that’s the crazy part…hoping mineral balancing sticks, will give it 2 years, or I won’t stay on this planet long… burnt out


Fasting, losing weight, burning body fat (ketosis). This is one common point of all recovery story i found so far.

Fasting forces the body to get rid of damaged cell, reduces inflammation and has lots of benefits.

Ok. Got it. Next story…


How did you conduct your survey, i.e. where did you find people in your city who took Dutasteride? Was it here or elsewhere?


It was not very difficult.

  1. Start interacting well with the pharmacists. 3 to 4 of them have been befriended. Next step was to find out the regular users. I left my contact number as an SOS. 30 people contacted me over 15 days.

  2. next step was to ask for users from my doctor. I raised serious concerns about my mental health. The doc agreed to let me know the experience of many of his patients.
    Almost half of them had twisted/deformed penis.

Actually a good number of old patients had no use of their pennies and never reported back deformation. But many of them did complain about mental fatigue etc.

I have come to the following conclusion: If you are still having an active sex life then you are doomed to have a deformed penis on Dutas. Somehow the poison destroys the tissues etc.

I am seriously looking for somebody to offer me some help to bring back the shape.

Surgery is definitely acceptable to me.

My prostate is not good, though.