I'm at my worst need some help

I’m pretty severe but after a shampoo (with inside Opuntia now i know) four days ago i’ve crashed completely,i sweat no more,joints hurts,fatigue is now extreme,my heart is constantly racing,mouth and eyes are dry,libido is near zero,sleep is broken… i really need some advice hoping this is just a not permanent crash,i’m very scared.


What does that Opuntia suppose to be beneficial for? Never heard of it… Why did you use that shampoo?

I didn’t know it was supposed to be inside,it’s a plant rich in flavonoids so i suppose it exerces some anti androgenic property

Mi sembra assurdo che uno shampoo abbia sortito tutti questi effetti. Credo sia più verosimile che i peggioramenti siano giunti da soli.
Anche io sto attraversando peggioramenti estremi, pelle secca, mancanza di sudorazione e odore corporeo, occhi secchi, capelli che si frantumano solo a toccarli, sintomi prostatici estremi, dolore del pene assurdo. Non ho fatto nulla, però. Sto solo usando olio di cocco per contrastare la secchezza.

Most flavonoids got endocrine distruptive properties (i flavonoidi possono fare questo come ssri o finasteride)

I’m sorry to hear this @Dryed. Patients often exhibit a striking fragility to antiandrogenic compounds, and we spend a lot of our time warning about it owing to how often this happens. As most anti hair loss products will somehow target the androgen pathway (be it with pharmaceutical or natural extracts), we strongly advise avoiding any shampoos with this selling point - or any antidandruff shampoos containing ketoconazole.

Despite it being hard to imagine in the depths of it, often patients will return to their previous baseline state over the course of a few weeks. I would advise focusing on self care for the next two weeks or so and take it very easy. Wishing you the best.


Yes i was aware! But this time I didn’t pay attention to all the possible compound so it’s partly my fault.
Anyway thanks for your reassuring words Axolotl.

I crashed and got PFS from ketokonzole/saw palmetto containing shampoo please stay away from it it’s done a number on me just avoid anything like that.

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Absolutely! @AaronF

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I really can’t believe what is happening to me again,i can’t even sleep!
I get only cycle of two non restorative hour than i’m wide awake,it’s disturbing.

I crashed with taking large amounts of polyphenol rich cacao nibs that caused severe middle insomnia as well as muscle stiffness and palpitations. It took me almost 3 months to start seeing signs of recovery. Sadly the cacao nibs left me in a fragile state and made me sensitive to almost all food that is anti-androgenic like vegetable oils, seeds, whole grains, nuts, many healthy fruits and plants. The insomnia would come back for weeks after eating enough of certain things. This has happened twice already.

Right now I am still trying to recover from my insomnia from my last diet mishap. You will get better, but you may want to go on a restricted diet that eliminates many polyphenol-rich foods and eat more animal products for now.

Oh, and my eyes started getting really dry as well like you. A light breeze would have my eyes stinging. I had to use artificial tears every day. That got better on its own though. Hang in there, it’s quite scary and I am still stuck in this nightmare, but I think we’ll recover. Just have to be really careful about our diet and find ways to live free from stress. I just don’t know how long I’ll have to be on a restricted diet for. It is maddening to say the least.

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I read extensively your story back when is happened and I’m really sorry for what is happened to you @Mercked.
I see that a crash is something that we should go through however sometimes a crash is just merely torture…
I was already on mostly carnivore diet knowing that a lots of vegetables and fruits could be problematic for us, and prior to this my pssd even if severe was becoming tolerable and every month i was gaining some normalcy,but this crash…just bullshit.

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Thanks for reading. Crashes are just pure torture and I don’t see the need for them lol. At least we know we’re not alone here. We just need to believe in our bodies to be able to fix themselves. I’ve crashed, got better, crashed again, got better again, and now I’m waiting to recover from this last mini-crash. So I think that’s evidence enough that this won’t be permanent. It’s time to make some permanent life style changes though like daily meditation, exercise (according to one’s ability), and positive thinking.


Absolutely! A strong and positive mindset is imperative to face something like this.
Today I’m feeling less exhausted than yesterday (maybe because i’m fasted a bit)… let’s see how i evolve

I would add that besides my crash i’m under a 21 days cycle of Doxycycline (bassado) for suspected early lyme disease ,it’s this another causative for my actual condition @axolotl ?

Please take my word for it, a few days is way too soon to guage the condition you will be in even a week from now, much less a month. Give it time.


I really hope…