Illogical symptoms, advices welcome

Hi all.

I took fina without any side effects in 2016 for months and summer 2017 with 0 side but i stopped caused of being parano about long term use.

I took saw palmeto for one month in late 2019 + 6 months of ORAL minox and nettle root and anti-dht diet from summer 2019 to winter 2019 and Bam, crashed.

Since then, I have absolutely 0 libido, ED and panick attacks sometimes ( usually when I take some supp). I had hard depression but I’m better now, even tough my sexuals sides worry me a lot…

I can get an erection with porn, or nocturnal, but I loose them so quickly when I move, get up, or even when my visual stimulu fades for no reason like if I had ejaculate but no…

On the other hand, my dick is BIGGER both flaccid and erect than before. No shrinkage at all, quite the opposite.

I mean, I’m 11-13 cm Flacidd now (before was like 10-11) and 16cm erect (mb 16.5 if hard erection but hard to tell cuz i dont have diamond erections anymore… I was more like 15cm before.)

On top of that, I have the best shape of my life. I lift since 5 years, so was already muscular, but man this year I got even more muscles while loosing more fats.
I’m 85kg shredded (with Nice 6 packs) for 1m82 (nearly 6 feet).

My testo is high. Dht was low but in range in march, testing it again soon.

Those last symptoms seems to be the opposite of bad androgen receptors or bad hormonal profile.

But how the fuck can I have 0 libido at 26 when I was horny all the time (can fap/sex 5/6/7 times a day before) with ed and panick attacks while at the same time Im muscular to the point people ask me if I take steroids, with a bigger Dick that I cant use, with some light acnee on the ass and face.

Can someone explain this? Hypothesis are welcome.

Finasteride is known to cause anxiety, you would not be the first one. I also suffer from anxiety induced by fin, although no panic attacks, it is like constant dread 24/7. It’s been like this for two months. Nobody knows why, but it is probably linked to neurosteroid depletion duo to DHT inhibition.

I have never heard that someone’s penis sized increased by finasteride use. It’s usually the opposite.

Ty for your aswers.

I crashed because of sawP, nettle root and minox, not fin.

It’s been 10 months since i’m off, no improvements for libido and ed, I can manage pannick attacks.

Don’t know what to do…