Il6 causes gene silencing in the brain

I found this interesting after reviewing my genetic test. I produce a lot of IL6 due to a recessive gene.

It goes back to the hypermethylation discovery that many of our genes are hypermethylated.

DHT induce il-6

It’s not so easy.

5a-DHT, testosterone, dexamethasone (all at 10−7M), and hydroxyflutamide (10−5M) decreased IL-6 protein production by 79% (p< 0.001), 62% (p< 0.05), 85% (p<0.001), and 71% (p< 0.001), respectively.

LPS stimulation increased mRNA expression of CXCL1, IL-1β, MCP1, IL-6 and COX2, whereas DHT counteracted this effect.

Now both these studies ain’t perfect (one in vitro, one on women). But a certain substance or hormone can induce different responses depending on what cell it interacts with.