If you suspect having sleep apnea and have ED

In fact, multiple studies spanning years of research have determined CPAP therapy can profoundly boost libido and reduce issues of erectile dysfunction.

Beyond insufficient sleep, a sleep disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea when left untreated, hampers your libido and diminishes sex drive. It also contributes to diminished blood flow and vascular issues that lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

Multiple studies, coupled with first-hand testimony, indicate CPAP therapy can have a remarkable effect on your sex life. Research indicated it both promotes better blood flow, and helps stimulate your sex drive

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Remember that PFS can also induce sleep apnea

This is not only important for ED. You dont want to deal with brainfog and sleep apnea that can worse your cognition in long term

When i crashed and i woke gaspering for Air i wondered if i could have sleep apnea.

I dont really think i have sleep apnea but I use a Fitbit versa 2 to track my heart rate and also my sleep. It also tracks variation of oxygen while sleeping. Its not as useful as It should be, just show you a chart without time intervals…Its supposed to be one of the BEST smartwatch to track this. I think that its the same with apple and garmin.

There is a way cheaper as a “proxy” to have an idea if you could have sleep apnea.

In USA, for just 20 $:

In Europe you can find devices that could do the trick, but are way worse.I will try the following one (but i would prefer the one listed above):

Im not an expert but It would be good that you could export the data. Its better if has a high refresh rate (like at least oxygen x min) so apnea episodes are not softened.

As i said, this is only a so basic proxy, but if you have a lot of drops of oxygen below a range, then you should check It and do a sleep study.

Been using cpap for over a month and can confirm it does nothing for erections or libido nor any of the cardiovascular issues I’m dealing with


Hey Aaron, thanks for you comment. What made you think you had sleep apnea? I went for an appointment with a sleep specialist (he was psychiatrist) and it only made things worse, I left there with a prescription for antidepressants and being told: “You are young and thin, you have not been seen snoring (I sleep alone so…how do i know??), relax, you do not meet the criteria for sleep apnea”. I also believe you can have sleep apnea without snoring lol

In your case, can you explain to me what your apnea episodes are like? Do you think you snore? I think pfs-induced sleep apnea may be a little different than what normal people have. Do you have mild apnea or severe?
Sorry for asking like that but im so interested

On the other hand, you are right, you can have erectile dysfunction even if you have treated your sleep apnea, it may have seemed like I was trying to show a cure and no, I was just trying to show another factor to take into account (I made the post pretty exhausted after a day without sleep).

Mind you, I think you are treating it is very good even if you don’t see benefits yet. Sleep apnea disrupts sleep cycles and certainly affects quality of life as well as aggravating cardiovascular problems.ron, what you made

Thanks, AarĂłn. I will quote also @Mercked i would also like to read about his experience if possible.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

From what I was told I have moderate sleep apnea after doing the sleep study. I tend to gasp for air throughout the night, I’m guessing this has to do with muscle loss induced by this condition.since starting cpap I no longer gasp for air but I usually wake up with my stomach full of air due to the cpap machine which is annoying.

Also please stay away from antidepressants you will get worse, this is a stern warning, I can’t believe how negligent that doctor was to prescribe you that for something not related to sleep apnea.

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Hi Aaron, thanks for your response.

Yes, im not taking the SSRI he prescribed me. I told him that i had memory problems and he told me that was anxiety/depression…

I also wake up gaspering for Air. If necessary, i Will Pay for a sleep study

My pulmonologist had me take a sleep study. Result was I had apnea, and I was scheduled for a second night when they would try a cpap.

I considered their first study flawed, as they required me to sleep on my back and I NEVER sleep one minute that way. Ever. I canceled the second appointment.

Yes, after 4 years of PFS I still have ED. I think it’s a stretch to blame apnea for that. Jim

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Hallo @JimWildman thanks for your comment.

I don’t understand why you are not in favor of the result of the first study. I understand that even if you sleep differently than normal, if you have episodes where your airflow is reduced by more than 50% for more than X times every hour it is a sign that you have problems and you are going to have them in any posture. From my understanding, a person without sleep problems should be able to sleep in any position without having a high frequency of these episodes.

I think it is worth thinking about it! I agree with you and Aaron that if you have sleep apnea and erectile erection, solving the sleep apnea may not do much, but I truly believe that a detected sleep apnea should never be left untreated. There are people who do not have post finasteride syndrome whose sleep apnea alone ruins their lives due to fatigue, concentration problems, heart problems in the long run, etc. Of course it also depends on the level of apnea.

I repeat, I don’t want you to take it personally, but at this point, I felt it necessary to give my opinion, even though I don’t like to interfere in other people’s decisions.

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Thank you for the reasoned reply. No need to apologize! Next pulmonologist appointment, I’ll ask more questions about the tests, I know I slept poorly but blamed it on the supine positioning. Thank you, Jim