If we've tried things that raise androgens, without success, does that justify trying things that lower them?


If I’ve taken supplements and adjusted my diet to boost my Testosterone, and still my libido remains at 0%, do you think it is worthwhile trying things that lower androgens?


This has been tried plenty of times and in fact one would think that this makes more sense than increasing androgens. Remember, the theory that best explains our condition and best fits the scientific evidence suggests that overexpressed androgen receptors in the presence of normal androgen levels leads to a negative feedback loop as with overexpressed ARs normal androgen levels appear too high to our body. So lowering androgens would make sense to offset the AR overexpression.

The experience with anti-androgens suggests that they will often lead to temporary improvement. In fact some had almost miraculous temporary recoveries. This is good news to us, because it suggests that when we reverse the driver of our condition we will probably largely return to normal immediately. But now the big HOWEVER, the experience with anti-androgens strongly suggests that their use is highly dangerous for people with our condition. Remember that for most of the members here anti-androgens are what caused our problem in the first place. And those who return to them often experience improvements only to crash much worse. Unfortunately we have lost people this way.

I can only stress the high risk of using anti-androgenic substances.