If I feel terrible from weightlifting, should I stop?

I have had PFS for ~5 years. I wane between just getting on with life versus trying to get better. As of late I’ve been working out while taking essential aminos, arginine, and creatine. I find that after I work out I get incredibly fatigued and don’t feel any of that endorphin/androgen feeling.

My question is should I keep pushing through? Does it mean that my body has higher T that it can’t bind? Will I end up with extra estrogen?

No, weight training won’t increase your estrogens.

Keep lifting, I don’t see any scenario where not lifting is better in the long run.

If you feel fatigued you might want to decrease amount of sets though.

Also I’d recommend to not only lift. But add in moderate cardio a few times a week.

When I feel like shit, doing 45 min of moderate to intense training on my bike really gives a nice relief. I often have to force myself in the start, but I know in the end it’s all worth it.

Chronic moderate cardio is shown to both increase DHT and Allopregnanolone in the brain. Also neurogenesis in parts of the brain which is downregulated in PFS and depressive patients.

Keyword here is “chronic”. You have to keep doing it.


I’m familiar with another guy on another forum who gets worse from weight lifting. He explains it the same way you do

Ever heard of androgen insensitivity? If he really has PFS he most probably has it. Most of the people here feel worse after a heavy weight lifting so it’s better to avoid it. Nowadays this forum filled with hypogonads in the name of pfs.

I feel worse after weight lifting.

Hmm the guy on the other forum who gets worse from lifting weights has high Kynurenine in his urine which is a urinary inflammatory marker

I wonder if you guys would also be flagged high in this . We are discussing it as a proposed mechanism associated with getting worse from hard physical activity. Just a theory

I’m trying to connect certain sides with certain values from the ZRT tests

Assuming we want to increase DHT and Allopregnanolone in the brain

The ZRT tests are showing high Allopregnanolone in the urine in 5 different PFS cases

I still don’t get why we have high amounts of it in our urine if we are producing low amounts of it

In the same way that we don’t allow patients to say “PFS is x” or “you’re suffering from y”, we won’t allow patients to devalue other patients’ experiences by claiming they don’t have “real PFS” or “only have hypogonadism”, etc. As we all know, PFS has an extreme level of variability which means what affects some patients doesn’t affect others, likewise for what makes them feel better or worse.

I’ve seen you do this on multiple threads lately, making claims of “androgen receptor PFS” vs some other type of PFS. It denigrates the experience of other patients and isn’t very kind. Please refrain from this in the future.

We are all suffering, please be kind to your fellow patients.


Ok… i apologise. Anyway i won’t be coming to this forum for any purpose anymore, as there’s no answer here, just a bunch of hypogonads with their “how i cured my ED” threads. This place isn’t for severe sufferers anymore, no wonder why so many severe sufferers call it quits from this forum. I plan to post a video and will do as much as possible from my side for awareness on my own, afterall it’s everyman for himself here since 2 decades. I wish i just had some ED like most here. I hope the best for this forum. :pray:.

Yeah, sitting on your ass getting fat is surely gonna be beneficial in the long run.

I’ve read all the studies and theories on PFS, but they don’t say much. In the end they are just theories. Meanwhile all the data on physical training is pointing to it being beneficial.

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There are plenty of people who’ve got worse from heavy lifting, myself included. I’m sure there’s others who’ve experienced relief, but again, variability.

Let’s try keep it civil.

Of course you need to find something that works for you. If you feel bad after doing heavy lifting, might want to switch it up to lighter lifting or cardio.

Not working out will lead to muscle wasting, worse insulin control with a myriad of other things. PFS or no PFS.

I’m also gonna throw in my two cents. For over a year I have been exercising alternately anaerobically and aerobically - it was my great success, because in 2016-2019 my condition was so bad that I could not exercise at all. While in the first few months such an exercise system was good, for some time something started to go wrong. Each exercise gave me severe headaches, more brain fog, added anxiety, and a few other problems. I discovered a while ago that anaerobic exercise was a problem. For almost two weeks I have been running 10-30 minutes every day at a slow to moderate pace and I have noticed that my brain fog is improving, anxiety is significantly reduced, digestion is faster and I feel and look better overall (less fat on my stomach and around the nipples). Perhaps, however, this is only an apparent correlation, because I had ingested 9,000 mcg of vitamin B12 injections in the last 3 weeks. Perhaps this is the reason for the increase in physical energy that allows me to run. On the other hand, when I try to lift weights, the problems seem to come back - so for now I will not exercise anaerobically.

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Thanks for everyone’s feedback. It’s a tricky position. I guess feeling bad makes me feel something so it maybe convinces me my body is being pressed against its status quo. I’ve tried years of just living healthy and not exercising much, but that is just persistent, flat, unchanging symptoms. Maybe that logic will just put me in a worse place.

Do you understand there is a whole bunch of possible attitudes between “you ED people have no real PFS, give us real sufferers a break” and “I quit”?

I felt awful after lifting for my first couple of years too, had to stop. After those 2 years I started with cardio only which seemed to have a positive impact, then eventually was able to lift again.

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Sounds like cardiovascular problems tbh

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Finasteride is just “amazing”. Before developing PFS, I was a runner of many years. I loved going out to the forest and running several kilometers. I had no problems with that. And later, after the crash, I developed a number of disorders - including irregular heartbeat, joint pain, difficulty breathing, paresthesias, and dizziness - that make exercise difficult. Fortunately, some of these problems are already significantly reduced, but still unimaginable for someone without PFS. Even now, being able to run for 15-20 minutes again at a pace of 4:30 minutes / kilometer (approximately 7:10 minutes / mile), if I eat something that is harmful to my body, I still move like an old man during my next running session. I am thinking mainly of joint pain, irregular heartbeat and breathing problems. Like I have lost 80% of my running progress.

PS. no examination showed that I have cardiovascular problems.

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Give it sometime, you’ll be okay

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