Ideas for sunken eyes treatment and facial skin problems after taking finasteride?

Hi everyone,

i am new in this forum. But today, after almost two years, i decided to join this community. I am from germany and i am 20 years old ( so please excuse any mistakes that i make in the english language).
I used finasteride (propecia 1mg) for 2 1/2 months (dezember 2017 to february 2018). After i felt very bad (my face looked really bloated plus i got sunken eyes) and people started to ask me, if i was sick or something else) i stopped using it. About ten days later my facial skin got incredible oily (maybe from the testosterone/dht which worked again) and i got acne. I also noted after another month, that the sunken eyes were persistent and i found in the german forum (, that the sunken eyes are caused by finasteride and that sunken eyes are some kind of fat loss under the eyes.
Since almost a year i am vegan. I started the vegan diet with a small juice fasting (3 days) because i got also inspired of a few members here, who got cured from pfs (for example CDkeys)
Untill today my skin did not cure very much. the sunken eyes didnt get any better. I know, that acne skin might not sound that bad for some of you. But it is not just the oliy skin, my skin looks just weird. I got blackheads and pimples, fucking oily skin and still this bloated face with the sunken eyes. I also got brain fog, mostly in the afternoon. When i look in the mirror while i got that brain fog, my face looks just fucking destroyed and i look incredible tired. I searched very much on the internet, but couldnt find people, who got very similar problems with their skin after taking finasteride. Does anyone has ideas for a treatment? (in general i am doing much sports, healthy nutrition and sleep enough).
Thank you for your answers!


Hey friend and welcome to the forum.

Would you mindfilling out a member story? we like members to introduce themselves that way so we can learn a little bit more about their condition.

Additionally, could you fill out a survey we created to quantify symptoms and severity of disease? If you click on the gear icon the upper right hand corner, you will be lead to it.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you of any treatment for the sunken eyes because I don’t know of any. Maybe a healthy diet with a caloric surplus could increase fat deposits all over the body including around the orbit?

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Hey Jaime,
thank you for the quick response. I will write my member story tomorrow. In europe it is almost 1 am now and i am very tired, which is certainly not good for recovery of pfs :smiley:


That is late! Get your rest friend :slight_smile:

I have lost the fat under my eyes and face people continue to tell me I have lost weight. Also if you wouldn’t mind filling the survey out please that would be awesome, it’s very important if we are to get to the bottom of this.

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I hope eye issues are officially investigated sometime in the near future, it seems a strong potential source to learn more about what PFS is. My eye changes are the most tangible out of all my PFS symptoms - ptosis (lower eyelid has dropped and upper eyelid is drooping, more extreme on one side) constant ‘dry eyes’ that barely respond to eye drops darkness/thinning out underneath and frequent inflammation of the sclera.

Hi. How/where do i fill out the survey? :slight_smile:

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The survey can be accessed through the bar-graph icon at the top of your screen it can be halted at any time and continued at a later time/date.

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Thanks for signing up @Maischel, I don’t have advice for you I’m afraid, but please be careful with the advice you take. We have a history of someone here with skin problems taking advice and dramatically worsening his symptoms. I am sorry to not have good news for you, but I’d strongly suggest you get behind any projects here and help us get to the point where we understand what’s happening and safe treatment can be sought.

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I hope so too. The eye Problems are the most obvious symptom i guess.

I have filled out the survey now!


Good man :+1:t2:

If you want you can get a dermatologist to put filler under your eyes to completely replace any fat loss. Just letting you know about that option in case you just want to look better. It’s one of the most common aesthetic procedures since it is one of the first signs of aging and easy to reverse with filler.

Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. So far as i know, those fillers are just temporary. That is a big problem to me. I am 20 years old. I really dont want to do surgery again and again for the rest of my life. I read quiete a bit about that. There are a lot of horror storys about that (that it looked like shit after the surgery , that the fat/creme disappeared very fast after surgery, etc.).
I hope that there is another option. I think a Main problem is, that it isnt possible to contact a people in this forum anymore, who wrote about same problems with there eyes. Maybe someone figured out a solution or theirs eyes recured by it self a bit.
Sorry for my bad english. I hope you can understand me.

I’m not talking about surgery. I’m talking about injections that take 5 minutes once every 6 months for fillers that dissolve quickly and once every couple years for fillers that last longer.

Okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me. But nevertheless i dont want to go to get injections under my eyes every couple of months/years. The eye-area is by far not my only problem. Like i mentioned, my face looks just fuc*ing bloated. My brother told me the last time i saw him that i am looking like a guy, who is working at least 40 hours the week and sleeps 5 hours every night (although i am 20 years old and live a relaxed and healthy life).
I am sure that i can beat my skin and health problems (except for the lost eye fat probably). A few months ago a doctor diagnosed a little thyroid subfunction and i dont want to get any kind of chemical hormones into my system. The fact that a few people here cured from their post finasteride syndrom gives me the hope, that i can get there too. Without injections, hard medications, etc. :slight_smile:

Androgens play a large role in collagen content of the skin.

This is one of the worst sides I have gotten, proportionally. When my libido gets better so does my skin so It’s 100% an androgen receptor issue.


You need fillers to replace the missing collagen or use an LED mask as an ongoing treatment. The best is Opera which retails around £1900. Best to see a skin beauty therapist for a list of options.

Fat transfer surgery is the closest permanent option for sunken eyes costs £3-5k.

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@Maischel I get sunken eyes “the morning after”, along with deep physical and mental exhaustion. It lasts for 24-36 hours. In other words, I need two nights of sleep to fully recover.

I have tried drinking a lot of water beforehand, taking ibuprofen, getting a lot of sleep… nothing seems to help. At least my eyes are not like that all the time. Once I get rest, my eyes come back to looking fairly normal. For you, is it all the time? Does it change under any conditions?

I think so too.