Ibuprofen Use

I had complete normal feeling after i took tylenol last week for my back one day. I am testing this as I just took some and will let you all know how I feel in tomorrow. I know its not ibuprofen but I just checking to see what happens with tylenol again.

Well it wasnt the tylenol. It just must have been one of them good days. Still feel like crap today. Another day on the rollercoaster.


dude i slept 12 hours for 3 straight days and i felt 40% better.

Guys…same thing for me…advil seems to work.

When I started taking propecia I actually “felt” activity close to the surface of the scalp, or particularly at night.
I stopped taking this stuff about a month ago (thank God) and have had a nightmarish of a time falling asleep. During the day I feel week and living in an altered state of reality. I also have tons of scalp or this weird brain activity going on during the day and at times into the night…

I decided to take Advil and this stuff really seems to help me out in feeling better. Sharpness and cognitive speed seems to return. How am I going to explain this to my already reluctant piss-ass doctor? Anyway, I plan on letting the neurologist know about this and the possible link of the brain nerve endings being possibly inflammed. MRI time? My liver’s bloodtest came out fine, but maybe there could be a liver to brain after-effect still hanging on?

God bless you all in recovering…and keep posting on this topic, i think we may be on to something here…

You may be on to something. I decided to look into this and interestingly enough, Ibuprofen has been linked to decreased Alzheimer’s Disease risk:

google.ca/search?hl=en&safe= … arch&meta=

Ibuprofen Suppresses Plaque Pathology and Inflammation in a Mouse Model for Alzheimer’s Disease

Ibuprofen protects dopaminergic neurons against glutamate toxicity in vitro
sciencedirect.com/science?_o … 2658f2b167

(this is more related to Parkinson’s, but they do mention AD)

Now, you may be asking why I mention Alzheimer’s… well, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s seem to be similar to those of “brain fog” from Finasteride: changes in mood and behaviour, memory impairment, cognitive dysfunction, speech issues, mental decline, depression, anxiety, confusion, paranoia etc.

Read symptom details:
helpguide.org/elder/alzheime … stages.htm

Also, this post from another member who received a response from a doctor (supposedly) on a web forum somewhere, concerning Finasteride, Allopregnanolone and demyelination of neurons: propeciahelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=188

Now, here is my theorizing with regards to Finasteride use:

As per this posting citing concerns about decreased Allopregnanolone and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, Niemann-Pick etc ( propeciahelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38

… it is also interesting to note reduced Allopregnanolone levels may play a part in Alzheimer’s to a certain extent:

The neurosteroid allopregnanolone is reduced in prefrontal cortex in Alzheimer’s disease

Regenerative potential of allopregnanolone.
biomedexperts.com/Abstract.b … egnanolone

So, tying it all together:

  1. We took Finasteride, which impaired Allopregnanolone neurosteroid production while we took it

  2. Low Allopregnanolone levels may potentially be involved in Alzheimer’s pathology

  3. Ibuprofen use has been found to help reduce the risk of Alzheimers, and reduce neuronal plaques in an Alzheimer’s mouse model

  4. Members in this thread are stating Ibuprofen use improved their impaired mental/cognitive symptoms, just as Ibuprofen use has been linked to a positive effect on Alzheimer’s prevention or progression

Now, I am not advocating people jump on a daily regime of Ibuprofen use… I was simply trying to see if there was a logical connection to be made between Ibuprofen use and what people described in this thread with regards to improvements in mental side effects. There are many dangerous side effects (including kidney damage and stomach bleeding) from longterm use of Ibuprofen and debate still rages in the medical field wether it should be prescribed for a disease some people may or may not get decades later.

The good thing is: Allopregnanolone is also involved in neuroregeneration and neuroprotection.


  1. Many people’s anxiety and depressive symptoms cleared up shortly after discontinuing Finasteride (Allopregnanolone no longer inhibited)

  2. Members are able to get drunk again after quitting Finasteride (alcohol increases Allopregnanolone synthesis; when taking Finasteride the drug inhibits Allopregnanolone and prevents feeling drunk… after quitting Fin, Allopregnanolone can once again be synthesized to activate GABA-A receptors to give you the drunk feeling – I can personally attest to this one)

  3. Members’ slow but steady improvements in mental function the longer they’ve been off

… it seems likely that it is a gradual process for the brain to “repair” itself from the damage Finasteride caused, now that Allopregnanolone is likely functiong correctly again.

We can probably help speed healing further via natural supplements, excercise (cardio especially) and diet as mentioned below. Again from bio.net/bionet/mm/neur-sci/2 … 58929.html

Looking for natural strategies to help prevent Alzheimer’s, if you do research on “Alzheimer’s diets” or foods, you’ll come across a bunch of info, some of which was listed here: propeciahelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2237

Make sure you take Omega-3 fish oil supplements! Also, apparently ketogenic diets seem to help with minimizing seizures (for those with muscle twitches), and have been linked to improvements in Alzheimer’s plaques.

In addition, I also came across mention of extra-virgin olive oil acting similarly to Ibuprofen:

Ibuprofen-like activity in extra-virgin olive oil
nature.com/nature/journal/v4 … 7045a.html

Olive oil component has ibuprofen-like activity

Olive Oil Contains Natural Anti-inflammatory Agent
thyroid.about.com/b/2005/08/30/o … -agent.htm

So make sure you eat your olives. A mediterranean diet may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Great post.

Really interesting post Mew.

Can I ask: after stopping Fin, were you immediately able to get drunk again?

I’ve realised that for the past few years on Fin I was unable to get drunk. I can’t believe I missed that change. I guess I was never a big drinker anyway, so it was easier to remain unaware.

Anyway, I’m noticing the alcohol maybe affects me more now, but definitely now as much as it did pre-Fin. I’m 6 months off. I’m really hoping for the improvement in cognition that you’ve experienced, but it has to be noted that for some cognitive sides have remained even after sexual sides improved a little.

How did the alcohol thing play out for you?

Anyway, the fact that

(i) you’ve experienced considerable improvement in cognitive sides, and

(ii) you can now get drunk

is pretty convincing anecdotal evidence that Propecia causes cognitive impairment by blocking allopregnenolone.

No, the feelings of “relaxation” from drinking were absent for many months after quitting the drug.

It took well over a year before I was able to start to feel the effects of alcohol again.

After 2 years off, the effects became more pronounced and now 3.5 years off, the effects are maybe 70-80% compared to my pre-Fin self.

It’s kind of interesting… reading how one glass of red wine a day or few times a week may help prevent Alzheimer’s and other mental diseases… well, maybe increased allopregnanolone synthesis is one reason why.

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Any more updates?

ibuprofene definitely helps to clear up my mind…i just did try 2 times and it worked


You can’t “buy” allopregnanolone or pregnanolone in a store.

Pregnenolone cream is prescription only, I believe.

biogenesis-antiaging.com/p74 … _info.html

amazon.com/Source-Naturals-P … pd_sim_b_7

I stand corrected on the Pregnelonone. Good to know.

Okay, I’m a bit confused after reading up on this hormone. I was under the impression that pregnenolone was converted to allepregnenolone which directly acts on Gaba receptors making them work better and inducing relaxtion and or stopping the background static in your mind. All of these studies say that pregnenolone actually inhibits Gaba activity? I definitely don’t need my Gaba activity inhibited. I need just the opposite of that? Can anyone explain this?

from an article on epigenetics:


This is a really good point for me. I’ve been off 2 years and I still am away from alcohol. I’m away because I feel like shit after I drink it, but I haven’t been able to feel the effects of alcohol since about 8 months before I quit fin. It’s been over 2.67 years.

This lack of mental ability to feel the effects of alcohol could also be related to the dopamine system somehow as alcohol is known to stimulate dopamine to produce a relaxing euphoria type effect

“When alcohol hits the mesolimbic pathway, it triggers the rapid release of dopamine, thereby creating a pleasurable high.”

wired.com/magazine/2010/06/f … onymous/4/

I sprained my back badly and have been taking 600 - 800 mg of Advil every six hours or so for the past two days. My sexual problems (erection strength, orgasm satisfaction) have somewhat improved.

Of course, correlation isn’t causation, and this might be a coincidence, but I thought I should note this occurrence here.