I write down my worries on a sad and lonely night

Hello. How are you all doing?
I’m getting along pretty well.
However, there were many worries and sadness.
First, can we meet a woman? This is the worry and secondly, can we get better someday in the future? I’m also worried.

Recently, I had a crush on a woman, and I felt good because we were able to communicate well. But I have PFS, so I have a lot of sexual problems, and my brain is complicated and dizzy because of brain fog. So I hesitated on my own, and eventually my close friend and the woman became acquainted.

If I had been healthy, or a little more normal, I would have had a happy day with her, which is heartbreaking. But that’s all right. I’ve been practicing a lot to accept PFS, so it’ll get better over time. But this time is really hard.

I imagine every day. The days when I become a normal and healthy ordinary person and have a loving and happy life. Of course, I know it’s a rare chance, but maybe one day we’ll be healthy.

There’s a lot of things that hurt me so much because of PFS. But I’ll try my best. I believe there will be a good day someday.

I wrote this because I felt lonely and tired.
I’m sorry that the text might be awkward because I used a translator.

Have a nice day, everyone.


It’s definitely possible to meet a woman. Undoubtedly given our circumstances it’s a tad more difficult and the field has been narrowed, but thankfully it’s a more than plentiful field to begin with. Not all women like the same things, there are certainly plenty out there who’ll like what you have to offer.

This is what we all strive for and I truly hope we can achieve it. I know it’s certainly possible if we all work as one.

Glad to hear you’re doing ok. Keep on punching.


My doc prescribed me viagra. It helps

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Not possible for me. My face and hair look like a crackhead’s.

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Thank you for your kindness. I’ll do my best!

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You’d be surprised how much a good wardrobe and good attitude, especially good humor and a passion for something, can achieve romantically. I know it’s hard to find character/positivity and self-confidence when you suffer from PFS, but if I have learned anything about women in my life: it’s that it’s mainly those two things that they really want in a partner. Our romantic charisma is defined by so much more than our looks and our sexual health. You don’t have to be the most beautiful creature in the world, just be well-groomed and well-spoken.

And if your hair looks like a crackhead’s, well, there’s a solution for that, at least. I know that’s easy for anyone else to say, and probably not a decision you can go back on if you have trouble growing hair. But I think a lot of guys would really be helped by just making that decision and accepting it and developing a new look around it and owning it, you know?

It’s probably one of the hardest things about PFS… “owning it” in general.

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I’ve accepted the fact that I’m going to die one day sooner than people might think but a lot of folks think we will have life extension so I suppose you have plenty of hope in regards to meeting women and experiencing things you’re missing out on

Thank you for your comment. When it comes to personality you must recognize how much dopamine and proper hormonal function play a role in it. I was a much funnier person before PFS, now I can never think of jokes, nor can I get much pleasure from others’. When it comes to being well-spoken, I was extremely good at speaking before PFS, but almost everyone here can relate to a worsening of cognitive abilities and thinking.

I’m not attracted to anyone in particular anyways, extreme anhedonia is one of my most prevalent symptoms, and I don’t feel desire for intimacy, nor do I feel attraction. My hair looks like a crackhead’s right now because getting a haircut has some work cut out for it with the virus, last I tried getting it cut the barber had a 3 hour wait because they only allowed one patient in the store at a time. But yes, I do like my hair shorter.