I will try bethanechol tomorrow for anorgasmia

bethanechol was able to improve the erection and anorgasmia of subjects and women induced by antidepressants and other substances, I don’t know if this is useful for pfs, the medicine is very expensive in my country but I just ordered 7 50mg pills, someone with scientific knowledge believes that would it help pfs?

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I don’t know if it works, but, please, tell us how it goes…

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Pero bueno, miren quién está probando cosas, el señor “es todo placebo”, lol.
Dejando resentimientos de lado, te deseo mucha suerte, ojalá mejores o por lo menos no tengas un “crash”.


Hahahahaa who are you? I say herbs and suplement are placebo , I never said pills or hormones are placebo

How expensive is it?

@Eduardi - After you’ve tried it, please post your experience to your member story using the self-reporting form.

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No funciona