I want to hurt myself

I want to hurt myself right now. I just cannot believe taking literally 0.5mg of finasteride topically 4 years ago ONCE would leave me with seemingly permanent deflated glans and genital numbness. It honestly is just a sick fucking joke and I’m starting to get really angry and upset about it tonight. I haven’t been able to have sex in 4 years and I honestly started having suicidal thoughts again tonight.

This poison is so fucked up. Unbelievable.

Please don’t hurt yourself. I understand your pain. I only took this crap for 4 days and it ruined me. I was told it was perfectly safe. It’s a monstrous crime.

There is hope for us though. Important research is underway. Please hold on. You can make a difference to getting yourself and our community out of this.

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You wrote June 3rd 2019 you took 0.5 mg pill topical with rogaine in your first post. It have been 3 years now into the catastrophe.
But I know how desperate you feel. For me after 16 months with PFS. It’s the regret, why I have done this shit, wich violates the brain 24/7.
The fucking doctor gave it to me just to try after I denied already because of a sexual active fiancee. And I took it after a relationship struggle, started in an emotional triggered state. Even read the gaslighting leaflet.
Like @Erik and so many others I didn’t check the internet. I’m used to check the internet for every nanoparticles in sunscreen or asbestos fibers anywhere and than I take a perverted endocrine disruptor based on poor hermaphrodites genetic disorder. I didn’t check Roy Vangelis and MSD perverted story, castrating young man, lying in the clinical trails, blaming the victims as depressed.

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I’m with you man, I used a topical 0.3% once and I have all pfs symptoms, worst being anhedonia, anorgasmia, and insomnia.

So others use the shit for decades and nothing happens to them. There must be a very heavy genetically predisposition that it bangs some down after one usage. Hope with the genomic study they’ll find the marker and with the Kiel Study the pathology.

For us personally we can’t forgive us the day we did it. The first dose! I can’t forgive me for this decision since 16 months 24/7. In my phantasies and dreams I make it unhappen 24/7.


In my fantasies I say “NO” to the doctor and walk out

It’s making me angry just reading about it.

I propose a new site rule. You must check in with @LazarusRy before you can declare you have ‘all pfs symptoms’.

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Hopefully you can get better