I think my penis has been getting more hard-flaccidy. Is there anything that can be done?

In the fairly short amount of time after I quit fin (late winter/early spring, earlier this year) I noticed my penis was acting kinda hard-flaccidy. When I stood up, my penis would be hard but not engorged. It was more like contracted in on itself. However, I think I remember it being soft/spongy/squishy when I was sitting or laying down (maybe even more so than it would be pre-fin). Starting August though, I think I’ve noticed it being firmer or even hard-flaccid when sitting and sometimes even while laying down. It seems particularly bad today, but I also had more sugar and slept less yesterday than I usually do, so maybe that has something to do with it.
I’ve been dealing with sexual dysfunction, but I don’t have all the symptoms I’ve seen associated with “hard flaccid syndrome”.
Do you guys have any thoughts? Is there anything I can or should do? Should I try seeing a specialist again? Is this actually a sign of recovery, somehow?

Look in to pelvic floor dysfunction and hard flaccid, you can recover from it.

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If the problem is hormonal how we can recover physically from it?
@BibFortuna Do you also have any shrinkage problems when erect? girth-length loss?
Any curvature or hourglass shape when flaccid? Mine too becomes like that some time, but mine goes hourglass shape. It happens when there is a bowel-pelvic muscle movement, before toilet or piss etc.

I haven’t measured any loss of peak erect length or girth, but I feel like my glans maybe doesn’t fully engorge like it used to.
I’ve mentioned in a previous post that my dick went all hourglassy when I went a couple days without wacking it.
I have experienced penis curvature while having a bowel movement before, but I don’t think it’s happened lately. However, I think I have somewhat recently noticed my penis get “wrinkley” in the middle while having a BM.
Edit: for what it’s worth, I just took a dump and there was no funny business with my dick.

Do you know any good protocols for recovery?

I’m only looking in to CDnuts, but not fully commited yet due to the water fast and my low body fat % - I’ve just cut out all gluten, sugar, doing a variety of supplements, calisthenics & infared saunas & incorporated some of CDnuts ideas. My issues are mainly neurological though, i know for a fact that finasteride fucked my nervous system, i’ve got a fussy feeling behind the back of my head where my spinal chord connects that made me nearly feint when i crashed, and is still on-going with less severity.

I had a lot of issues with my dick, hourglass, blood not entering through chambers properly. It has improved by quite a lot, but my pelvic area is still tense sometimes, not letting the blood flow properly - Usually when i get erections it takes a substantial amount of time to go back to flaccid, and when it does, it’s usually hard flaccid.

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Honest question: wasn’t CDnuts proven to be a fraud/conman?

“Usually when i get erections it takes a substantial amount of time to go back to flaccid”
The opposite’s happening to me: my erections go away quicker than they did before. Although, I’ve had instances where the glans remained engorged while the shaft drained pretty quickly.

No one knows until they’ve personally tried. Many has either improved by a lot, or fully recovered (and god knows if it was just due to time, or a bit of both).

I don’t have issues getting erections, although my sensitivity has decreased, orgasm and ejaculatory rate is the same.

And yes, i have had the same thing as you mentioned, many weird and different fucked up shit going down there, but it’s getting better, doesn’t freak me out as much as before, luckily there’s no pain, other than the occasional electrical nerve shock in my abdomen/genitals happening once a week or so.

Hey men any improvement with hard and long flaccids?

Hey, yeah haven’t been on the forums for a while, but all sexual symptoms have fully recovered.


that’s great to hear, congratulation! I am worried my penis became fibrotic like the rat studies, so i dont know if I will be able to recover from something like that. I hope smooth muscle cells can come back after turning into collagen :frowning:

That’s great to hear! Was it just time, or do you think something you did helped?

I guess, it was time. In his story he wrote he took only one dose. When I first encountered PFS-like state, I was on quite a small dose. And at that moment I recovered 100% really soon. Fin seems to be more powerful though as just one dose could do so much damage.