I think I know what brought about my temporary recoveries

In my almost 7 years of having PFS, I’ve noticed that I have ‘windows’ which bring about a near complete recovery in all symptoms, ranging from anhedonia, to loss of libido, to ED, to even lack of oil and tightness in my skin.

After much thought and observation, I’ve realised what likely brings about these recoveries is anger and stress.

In fact, last Thursday I had a rare disagreement with a family member. I got genuinely annoyed (something which I don’t often feel these days). Friday I woke up feeling surprisingly energetic, with a full libido and a disappearance of symptoms. This recovery lasted until about yesterday. Today I’ve essentially regressed back to my baseline I think.

I don’t know what it is about anger and annoyance which bring about these recoveries, but perhaps it has something to do with a transient increase in androgen levels when one is ‘primed’ to fight? Or perhaps it may have something to do with it affecting AR density.

I don’t know, and will probably never know. I just thought I’d add this account to hear if others have noticed anything similar happen.


I used to have emotional explosions years ago before I identified the reiggers and removed them. Like yourself I always felt better afterwards but was ridden with guilt because of my behaviour. I think this normal after giving it all.
The outburst itself is what’s not normal for me.

An interesting article. Seems like anger boosts Testosterone levels and counterintuitively reduces cortisol levels.


Stress totally benefits my symptoms.

If I get too stress thoug, it makes them worse. There is a sort of weird sweet spot in between.

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