I think I accidentaly cured my post finasteride syndrome with magic mushrooms

okay i know it might sounds crazy but it actually helped me

so what happened?

im a 23 year old man. i started using finasterid 3 years ago when i noticed that my hairline started to receeding at the corners.

i had a little ache at the balls and softer erections at the beginning but kept taking it anyways bc this were side effects that didnt bother me too much. after 6 of the behinning of treatment however, i developed a brainfog and suddenly couldnt sleep longer than 5h per day (no problems falling into sleep but always woke up after 5h no matter what), always could easily sleep 8-10h before that. had feelings of anixiety, like i was in fight/flight modus 24/7. no motivation to do anything.

i stopped the drug immidiately but the problemd persisted!

i panicked. thought maybe sth else is responsible for this. went to doctors. they checked me. couldnt find anything. described me bullshit drugs for my sleeping problems including ssri which did shit.

then started to researching on my own. started reading/lurking this forum. felt good to be not alone. started to follow some advice here. supplemented tons of stuff…l arginin, cabergoline, nac, pregnenolone, progesterone, rhodiola rosea, fasting, running…most of it helped, eg my erection problem was basically gone…but the brainfog and sleeping thing was still going on (even though i also made progress on this field).

several times i thought of suicide. already informed me about methods and if it wasnt my family and my current gf i might would have gone through it.

however after 2 years i basically reached an acceptance stage. i accepted that this drug fucked me over and this is no my new bad me. sleep deprived, dumb and with anixiety problems taking more supplements and pills then my 95 year old great grand mother. but i thought to myself, fuck it, cant turn back time and you should try to make the best of the time that is given to you.

but then, 4month ago, i went on a trip to amsterdam with my gf. i always wanted to try mushrooms and its legal there so i visited a „smartshop“ where they sell magic mushrooms (actually magic truffel which contains the same stuff).

my gf didnt want to participate so i just bought 15mg just for me. not sure anymore which sort it was exactly but when i got asked if i want sth easy for beginners or sth stronger i demanded the „heavy shit“. i googled and i think it was „Psilocybe utopia“…

however i took and what happened in the next 6h is too difficult to explain and also not that interesting for you guys.

what could be interesting for you guys that the day after i could sleep 6h. within 5 days i went back again to 7-8h per night. my mood and brainfog (whivh probably also got affected by sleep) increased drastically. no idea if i got back to the state i used to have before finasterid but it definitely feels like it.

4 month later im still going strong and i thought if it helped me maybe it can someone help here too. no idea how it worked though (just found this which might goes in that direction
http://www.thelancet.com/pb/assets/raw/Lancet/pdfs/S2215036616300657.pdf )
and ofc consuming magic mushrooms can cause some unwanted side effects too.

i will keep you updated… so long

cheers and i hope all of you get better too!

ps since i stopped finasterid my hairline didnt receed a single milimeter even though i dont even care at this point anymore…


btw i found out if you live in europe you can order magic mushrooms/truffel online…

eg: https://www.avalonmagicplants.com/mushrooms/magic-truffles/?language=en

not sure how legit they are since i bought it directly in a store in the netherlands

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This is very interesting that you got permanent improvements or even cure from a single consumption of magic mushrooms. More people should give this a try!

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I wish it was easier to get my hands on these. They are nearly impossible to get and, unfortunately, illegal.

Joe - I was looking at one of your old posts where you stated that Alpha Stim cured all your mental/neuro sides. Does this still hold? Are you hoping the shrooms will help with sexual sides?

Does anyone truely believe magic mushrooms are the way forward ?

I’ve taken them before twice and it didn’t improve anything for me

They just raise serotonin, it will do nothing for PFS.

I’ve done a lot of things that have helped a lot over the years but nothing like when I microdosed the magic mushrooms for week. I felt like Superman

I left them in the sun by mistake and they rotted away and were covered in fungus so I had to throw them away

I’m trying to get my hands on some more so I can try again

Are you cured?

No I’m not
But I feel like, after 20 years of PFS, I came closest to feeling normal on psilocybin

I just wish it wasn’t so damn hard to get my hands on it

I would love to try again maybe in a higher dose and see if the changes hold

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A lot of people have had partial or temporary return of pre PSSD symptoms after taking things that jig with serotonin again for example the same serotonin drugs that caused it. A small minority have had a full recovery like that, but a lot of had some effect on their PSSD with more things that affect serotonin.

personally I haven’t tried many more things that have serotonin interactions after what happened from psychiatric medications. I am far too scared/scarred.

Just a quick note, many people who have used finasteride to try and affect the same change have dramatically worsened their condition.

I know you weren’t suggesting it, but I just wanted to mention this in case anyone might start thinking along those lines.

For what it’s worth, I’ve microdosed about 5 times over the ten days. I noticed the usual increase in relaxed energy, concentration, creativity, and slight insightful deep thoughts. It’s really pleasant.

No other change in symptoms. When I microdose, I take really really small doses to avoid feeling any psychedelic effects.


the thing with psychedelics is that when they bind to 5ht receptors they do the opposite of serotonin on downstream signalling, which affects not only serotonergic but also endocrine pathways and many others

going beyond the agonist/antagonist thing there´s neuronal excitability, that is, the activation threshold a neuron needs to fire and it´s regulated by the ratio of 5ht2/5ht1 agonism
we all know both lsd and psilocybin are “5ht2 agonists”

what people often overlook is the 5ht2/1 ratio of these drugs
psilocybin has its biggest hit at the 5ht2 subfamily, lsd the opposite

so its chronic effects must be different also, right? that may be why many people are reporting improvement with mushrooms vs lsd in the main 3 forums:

some of the effects on chronic lsd mice are similar to PSSD even like hyperirritability, anhedonia and fidgeting

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