I think cologne crashed me

Going to avoid colognes from now on, read a study saying most are made from whale fat and thus they can raise estrogen levels, wouldn’t be surprised if they’re a 5-ar inhibitor as well.

Just put on a cologne directly on my skin and inhaled as well, then crashed.

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Which sympthoms have worsened ? stay away from everything that inhibits 5-ar

It was just a temporary crash but I was doing so well today, had some sweat on skin and felt good, as soon as I inhaled that cologne 5 minutes later all that goes away, wasn’t stressed or anything.

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I also quit colognes for the same reason, I think it crashes me.

And then yesterday I was doing so good, for 3 hours, , and I put on a new brand of deodorant and felt bad again 5 minutes later.

…and then today I was doing good, until I ate school lunch with Mayonnaise that contained Soybean Oil… Crashed 5 minutes later.

If I was on the fence about Propecia and came here to see a post like this I would generalize that the majority of users here are raging hypochondriacs


yeah we should stop commenting about our observations bacause what others can think, very mature lol.

Basically the jist of this thread is that if you’re doing good, 5ari’s will put you back in the gutter.