I no longer lose my hairs? PAS

I have been fighting with PAS more than 1 year. I am 23 years old. I have (had?) male type hair loss genetics from my father and mother side. I was losing my hairs like crazy before and while using accutane. BUT; after i stopped accutane and started to experience PAS symptoms like ED, libido loss, anhodenia, gut and liver issues as all you familiar with, my hair loss just stopped. It’s crazy how i got rid of my acnes and my hair loss somehow but i have lost my urges, libido, energy. How you can explain that? I start to believe that DHT is no longer works on my body, even if i produce it. I need an explanation and maybe that can be root of every sexual problem i have.

Is there anybody who got an idea of that?

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I don’t know why but I don’t lose hair after I quit finasteride either, although I experienced an increase when I tried Creatine.

No idea what my DHT levels were before or during the trial though because it’s impossible to test for here.

Fin didn’t do anything for my (back) acne though.

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It’s interesting how our blood test ranges are similar @Cbrandel , yet our symptoms do somewhat differ. While I have a lot of what you have, I must say my hair loss has exploded and got tons worse. Tretinoin cream started my hair loss, but Saw Palmetto was like an atom bomb. No longer just the top of the scalp, but the sides and back as well. Not only that, I’ve lost a massive amount of body hair. Particularly, my belly, gential region and around my ankles. What’s odd though, is that my front hairline, thankfully, has yet to recede. We’ll see, at least my body gave me one small break lol, what a life.

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It’s too weird man i have the opposite of what you are experiencing. My body hair has increased especially on my back and on shoulder region and my hairs are stronger and not falling off anymore… If that’s an issue with DHT receptors in body maybe that can be the main problem. If my body can’t react to DHT that means i can’t lose any hair or have a sexual response either ??

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Nobody could tell you as of now.

DHT increase body hair, and you have increased body hair.

DHT also increase hair loss on the scalp, but you don’t lose hair anymore.

You see how this is contradictory? Kind of a mystery really, that’s why the moderator believe it’s an issue with receptors in certain tissues and not circulating hormones.


Yes it’s a mystery indeed. Only potential solution that i can think of right now is, decreasing DHT levels to some point that our body activate our receptors again. I believe our brain has silenced the receptors due to high DHT levels for providing some kind of overload. That makes me believe to some people who claim that they managed to cure themselves using propecia again after crashing. But i know that’s insanely dangerous. And the other potential option is mifepristone which is another drug has effects on certain receptors. But since these theories are not proved we have no option but waiting…

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