I need your help please

Hello everybody .

I used propecia for 29 days only, before i stop it i start notice that i have a difficulties in speaking and understanding, and also i felt too much depressed .

When searched online and found its because of propecia i stopped it .

Now i stopped propecia since 3 days and i still have the above syptoms , do I have a chance to get rid of this side effects , or i will stuck with me .

Please help. Because im extremely scared .

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don’t panic side affects that you have are common with PFS and it will get better and you will improve.
others that had similar side affects like you have improved/cured and they will tell you what helped them.

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Do i need to take some actions ? , or just I have to wait .

Definitely best if you just wait. Relax, rest, exercise a little bit and try and avoid stress for a bit - might be an idea to avoid alcohol too for a time.

The vast majority of people who get side effects on fin recover just fine, sometimes taking a few months even. I’m sure you’ll be ok in no time.


U guys helped me by this supportive words .
Thank u guys , hopefully I will recover soon .

Guys im using minoxidil do i need to stop it ? Or its ok to keep using .

I’d say certainly stop that my friend. Nobody’s even that clear on how it actually works and it might be doing something you really don’t want.

I’d personally just recommend staying off as many artificial things and medicines as possible (except where doctor says is necessary) and don’t resume finasteride/dutasteride/saw pamletto again either.

Best of luck but I’m sure you’ll be fine in a few months.

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Definitely stop it there have been people who have similar effects to propecia using minoxidil, there’s a forum somewhere on this as well. They both inhibit ar5.

be care full with vitamins some of our users have taken vitamins and it has given setback some have gotten worse.

No body knows for sure what PFS is doctors cant explain it and most don’t acknowledge our symptoms.

the best way to approach PFS is to avoid 5ar inhibiting foods. Exercise, clean diet and avoid stress(I use yoga pranayama to be specific).

I use this Web site to see what others did, before I try something out.

This is very important and never forget it there are FPS sufferers who are reacting differently to diets, medications and vitamins. Some have gotten better and some get worst doing different protocols.
you have to listen to your body and see what works for you. what I am trying to say is what is good for me might not be good for you and it can mess you up.

take some time relax and if you are experiencing symptoms after 1-2 months than experiment with foods. some have gotten better with meat only diet others got worse but they tried vegan diet and they have gotten better eating only vegetables. you have to listen to your body and see what works for you.

you have taken Fin for 1 month and you have a high chance that you will recover on your own or with time. Just let you body solve the issue. having a routine will help eating food at specific time sleeping at specific time. your body will not have to adopt to changes constantly.

yoga,good schedule and good diet this is your goal right now. avoiding 5ar inhibiting foods.

Hello guys

Here is a small update

My libido start to increase and my erection start to improve .

But my metal issues still the same , memory issues
And focusing issues .

When i wake up i feel tremors in my arms .

Hopefully it will improve soon .

I am happy you have made some progress my friend. Fortunately you are well within the period of time at which side effects could dramatically improve, don’t lose hope :pray:

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Help me Please

After i got some improvements , i crashed again , I don’t know why

I can feel shrinkage in my Testicles and my Penis also .

Why , why ,why

What should I do guys please .

Try and stay calm brother, I know it’s hard, Weve been there. Depending on the area of the world you live in, try and find a compassionate doctor who will listen to you, adress these issues, and get some baseline lab work done. This may help you down the road, if you see any changes in the labs you need to adress. Some of my hormone lab work changed after my crash for the first 3-6 months and this Showed a consistent change that was happening In my body. This helped my future doctor formulate a treatment plan.

One more important thing I would stress is avoid any substances like alcohol, caffeine, cannabis, recreational drugs etc.

Keep your head up, we’re here for support. I wish a quick recovery for you.

Me too mate I’ve also crashed since posting last here on this post. I now have a absolutely wrecked libido which is devastating to me and really reducing my quality of life.

I had an odd period where my testicles shrank and they became super soft. This resolved before too long though. The penis has been more stubborn but I have days where my erections are 100% so I dont think penis shrinkage is permanent either. Crashes for me always seem to be followed by a period of feeling even better than my last good period. I couldnt care less about some testicular shrinkage at this point though. Id trade one of em for a reliable dick any day.

Guys , i did a testosterone test
Its 307 , is it ok or low ?
Im 25 yrs and the test were done at 8:30 am .

Any advice guys

Some people feel massive improvements after increasing their test above 400. Some feel nothing. Go for it.

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Hey Kio94,
Any improvements?

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