I have high zinc (serum) levels - anybody else?

Hey all,
I just had my first blood test on zinc levels. Holy moly!!! it is above normal range.

  1. How could be this possible? I’m not taking any zinc supps
  2. Would be my sexual sides better (penile lenght, erections, more sperm volume, libido etc) without high zinc levels?
  3. anyone else has high zinc?

I’m wondering about this cause ever since PFS I avoid zinc carefully cause i read on forum its 5ari. Yet I have em high

pleeeease advise

Zinc Is also in dairy and cereals are you off those too?

I would say yes, cause im not eating only one cereal / month , 1 cup of milk / month.

I do eat however lot of salmon 2-3 cans of tuna / week. Also eggs I’m eating every week. Can these nutritions cause such high levels of zinc?
Thx Lazarus

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In a hair analysis a few years ago, my zinc was normal or normal high and my potassium and sodium were low.

No problem @andras33 normal functioning people No, but for us yes possibly. Those you listed have zinc in them but because our bodies don’t use certain nutrients, vits, minerals efficiently even at all they will build up. I was astounded when I found out I had high levels of vit c last year. Prior to 3 years ago I lived on fruit and veg but stopped upon realising they were one of the causes of my problems. That’s the only conclusion I can come to. We display many symptoms of being deficient in such things which bears out this theory. “Receptors” hope this helps.

I see, interesting thoughts. I’m at the care of an anti-autoimmune specialist doctor for 6 months therapy now. I relay on the doctors advise on these high levels of zinc then and see if he suggests changes in diet

I thought btw that zinc is important nurtition for our bodies, eventhough with PFS not in high amounts is it good. So I thought with a moderate zinc intake in my diet I wouldnt get harmful dose of zinc like I would with 50mg+ supplements. Interesting that I ended up with high levels indeed

Yeh you’re/ we aren’t absorbing them properly and thats the problem. There is no way of measuring that.hence another reason why Merck have got away with this shit for years.

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What did he suggest?

Nothing yet. I’m collecting now all the tests he prescribed and then he will analyse it and give me feedback.

I’ll give you guys feedback on my story thread

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Today i got a result from blood check.
Hca1 ldl, tryglides vit d, magnesium were ok.
But my zinc was extremely high.

It was extremely high at 40 although not taking supolements, normal range is 10-18
Maybe it’s diet related. I eat on a daily base an avocado, 40 gram mixed nuts, some pumpkin seeds. And on a weekly base a lot of salmon and eggs.

Hey @smphead the foods you listed - except eggs and salmon - i strictly avoid. Pumpkin seed and avocado are high beta sitosterol source, which is 5ari, just like finasteride.

Though I doubt they cause you much harm with foods, yet i would avoid them.

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