I have found a gene mutation. Do we all have it?

Hi all,
It s been about eight years i don’t come back to this forum. I am sorry for the absence but it is painful to remember what i had to go through because of all this. Good news is i have been able to live a pretty normal life, which i will update on the recovery section later on.
But for now i really need to post this. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. Because of the young age and rare type of cancer, she was screened for gene mutations, which came positve for the ATM gene. Family members were tested too, turns out i have the ATM mutation as well. This mutation affect every cell. Only 0,5% of the caucasian population has it (other races have this mutation too, but the percentage is not known). Since finasteride blocks the 5 alpha reductase in every cell, i wonder if this mutation is what made me prone to finasteride side effects. The question is: Do we all have this mutation? Is that what makes us different from other people who take finasteride and have no side effects?


Breast cancer is out of control right now and so is low androgens in men. This is all because of xenoestrogens, and if you live in America it’s especially bad due to rampant and chaotic deregulation. Right now is hell in America, the entire shitty Trump administration is climaxing and is about to leave, and he will burn in hell for the damage he has done to everyone with his deregulation.

But on the gene mutation. It probably made you more prone to PFS.


Can you provide a link for the genetic test you used that found the ATM gene mutation?

I live in Brazil, it was through the cancer clinic my sister was being treated. I went there and took a saliva test. I don’t think they test someone who is not a patient or related to a patient. But i am sure if you search in your area for labs that test for cancer genomic profiling, you will find it.

I might have misunderstood what you meant but the USA is 22nd according to figures here:

Shouldn’t they be at the top if it was especially bad?

22/193, that’s pretty bad. In the top 10% of countries.

Also Trump heavily deregulated the EPA so things such as pesticides (Atrazine) and emissions from plastic manufacturers and fragrance manufacturers are ludicrously in our air and water supply. (Trump also let companies dump their waste into rivers again)

It’s mainly the pesticides causing feminization of people especially if you live in a humid environment, as pesticides travel through the air by attaching to moisture. But I’d wager it makes recovery from PFS a hell of a lot harder if you live in America, constantly breathing in and eating what are essentially anti androgens.

Thankfully the upcoming administration wants to undo 90% of Trump deregulations in the first year and go beyond even what Obama had. So maybe it will get better. But I know for a fact men have gotten weaker the past 4 years, a woman a whole lot… thicker.