I hate not being in control of this

I was just outside having a smoke after being awake all night and it just fucking hit me that I’m really going through this and there’s nothing that I can do. My diet is OK and I take a couple of supplements but outside of that I’m just absolutely fucked. Like, completely and utterly fucked.

I’m a hard worker. I like doing stuff and managing things for the better. But with this I’m at the complete mercy of my body. I can hardly have a shower let alone manage a full life full of expectations, activities, staying healthy, finding pleasure etc while my head feels like mush and I’m too tired to get out of bed 90% of the time. Literally all I do most of the time is lie in bed browsing my phone and trying tnot to go crazy about where I’m at. I’m too tired to even use my laptop which is humiliating if not darkly humorous. I have so many things I want to do but unless something happens I’m just stuck here, like a lifeless heap.

No one should ever feel like this, and especially not healthy young men who have their whole lives ahead of them. Being tired and crippled will come with aging naturally, but by then you’ve already lived your life and have social support networks. I’m supposed to be out there in the world, earning money and setting up my life, but instead I just have to waste time endlessly on dumb internet crap to get me through the day. I can’t fucking imagine my life being like this right now but here I am. I’m fucking here. Right now. And there’s nothing I can do to change it.

God I hate this so much. I can’t let life pass me by but I’m forced to do so every second of the day. Even my parents don’t really understand.

I don’t know what else to say. I hope this shit gets banned and someone thrown in prison for all this, but even that won’t change what’s happened to all of us. Life’s a bitch and then you die I guess. Oh well.


Great Post, thanks for writing that up. I can relate. I’m a bit further down the road than you. It can get better. I am still fighting to varying degrees on any given day but the fatigue is one of the worst parts.

Forgive me if I’ve not fully understood what is and isn’t possible for you but you might find you need to do what I need to do now, and that is fight against your inclinations, I don’t feel like doing much ever. Once I’ve got out of bed, I feel like I want to sit on the sofa.

If you can, make a deal with yourself about what you’re going to get done. Aim low. Leave your phone in a different room so you have to get up. If you can, make a plan to do something with someone. Aim low. Go grocery shopping or something.

You’re going to have to focus, drag your body along, ignore your brain telling you to stop. You’ll need to focus yourself more than ever. It will suck.

I’m sorry I don’t have any great escape routes or secret cures. You’re going to have to dig in deep, but it can get better.


" tired to get out of bed 90% of the time. Literally all I do most of the time is lie in bed browsing my phone and trying tnot to go crazy about where I’m at. "

I stayed in bed for 6 weeks after stopping Finistarid too. Doing the same thing. Looking Mitch Soveigns, Demons, Luis, Ryans Videos :100: times. I Wish I had looked it 1000 Times before, when my urologist gave me the Finistarid Package. And I had kicked it deep into his ass

Fatigue was heavy. Like a Zombiefied I drove to the Supermarket to buy some Basic food.

But @maxim117 we have to stand up make a walk because muscles going weak, muscles get atrophic. My Arms a smal Like womens I lost musclemass of my calves.

Nice from Nature would be after 3 Months in bed men would fall asleep foreever.

But the state of bedbound and weakness can rest for Years for decades. And here are some Guys on the forum, who are really bedbound an to weak to walk to the toilette

@maxim117 I have Zero motivation to get out of the bed too.

My Neibours already worried about me. Why hides this guy himself from the world!! For Months. Same Question come from your parents to you
Don’t they?!

Because without my hormons I have not any drive for anything. Outside I feel Like a Zombie in a normal world with couples an the crowd in the sun. All lightyears away.

Last years my sexy girlfriend and I have been the dreamteam of every private event (even in times of covid).

But after pfs I m transformed to an asexuell Zombie. Like @greek I get off the bed downstairs to sit in the chair.

This morning 9 am I still stay in bed. No Motivation to Contact anyone. No Motivation to do anything. I don’t want to live in this way anymore.

Now it’s 10:46 am😞 still in bed, No Motivation for Nothing. Even for Breakfast. F.CK this post fs Life. IT IS shitfaced

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Welcome to my life. Been living like this for the past 14 years and every year it’s getting worse. Every day I wake up in panic and feel like the train just ran me over. Everything in life is just pointless with this disease.


I don’t want to live a Life Like this for the next 20 Years. Maybe after treatment the Drive will come again. So allright than.