I go to suicide, good luck everybody

I am going to commit suicide in 10 days, I have no possibility of improvement or cure, because I have made a unique disaster, after 6 weeks with finasteride, I recovered and at 4 weeks I took pilexil (multivitamin with 50 mg of saw palmetto) for 7 weeks, the problem is that I did not know that I had saw palmetto, because they sold it as a multivitamin and then I took it without being strict, (you had to take 2 capsules daily) because one week maybe I took one capsule on Wednesday and on Sunday the second week One capsule Friday and another Sunday the third two Wednesday and one on Friday and another on Sunday, during those 7 weeks I took it the few times that I remember (less than half the days) and 2 capsules daily 6 days in those 7 weeks .

This means that my body has had to be highly damaged by taking it day yes and two no and then day yes and 3 no or maybe it was a day yes and 10 no and a day yes and 8 no, I do not remember it well.
All the people on the forum that I improve took it from one but I have taken it so interspersed that that can be dangerous and my possibility of improvement must be infamous and I live.

My story
I took finasteride 6 weeks, the fourth week the anhedonia began, anxiety and depression, I continued until the sixth week I suspended it and 7 days later it began to remit, and 28 days after suspending it I was 90% cured. So take pilexil as I told you the 7 weeks, on the third I suffered the crash (if it was finasteride the culprit if it was saw palmetto it would not be a crash but a side effect during medication) the anhedonia, depression and anxiety returned. I did not leave pilexil until the seventh as it was then that I discovered that each capsule had 50 mg of saw palmetto.
and it has been 4 months since I quit saw palmetto and 6 since I quit finasteride.

Do you think that having taken saw palmetto so interspersed during those 7 weeks makes my prognosis of improvement much worse?

I don’t want live with this i had 18 years good and if i die now, i have a good life but if i die with 40 years (22 with mental sides) my life will be bad


The only reason to support me to live is that I want to restore my brain and be as smart as axo

You see improvements and recoveries in saw palmetto sufferers? Or only in finasteride sufferers?

By feeling, yes, patients with finasteride are worse. Depression and suicidal thoughts are compulsory courses for everyone. It’s a pity if you commit suicide for this


Don’t do anything drastic. You have only been suffering for a few months, according to your member story. There is still a decent chance that your situation will improve.

Stay strong!


But my dear, you don’t have ED, you can have normal sex, you have no muscle problems, you can make sports, you have no chronic fatigue, so you have every opportunity to life a normal live again.

OK, if the brain chemistry is changed to anhedonia, every thing is black and without sense.

In your case I would try everything like Bupoprion or Ketamin to get into s better psychological state.


Sympthoms like depression or anxiety are psicological or brain quimical change?

That kind of change we have in our brains isn’t only psychological. There are massive damages in all neurotransmitter and neurohormone pathways. But you can be so lucky that you don’t have sexual and physical sides

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I can improve? I have a bit days goods


I think! You can force yourself to do something. Without fatigue and muscle atrophy you can go to the gym, make walks or cycle tours, swimming, joining the University, try to meet s girl who is depressed too…

But I don’t know how severe is the Anhedonia and depression in your mind.
Don’t hope you feel like a zombie.


There’s no reason to think taking it interspersed is worse than consecutively or all at once.

Before making any irreversible decisions, why not try some other things first?


My friend I took finasteride on and off for 15 years. I also took minoxidil intermittently then saw palmetto for two days all before i knew pfs existed. There is evidence that repeated use of these 5ar reluctose inhibitors often worsens cases 1nce triggered. Which was certainly what happened to me. As @Exsexgod stated you have avoided a lot of the physical symptoms and can therefore lead a life with quality. You are still having intermittent good days and therefore have a lot of reasons to be positive. Improvements can come after years, such cases exist. You are in shock and traumatised by what has happened to you and the drop in neurosteroids is given irrational thinking centre stage. Take a step back and look at things objectively and then you’ll realise suicide is not the answer. Occupy your mind with stuff you like, avoid stress and go out for walks, look at nature. Do new things these make u think and distract you from pfs. Do things for others, don’t steep yourself in this shit. Above all tell yourself you will get better and think of the person you’ll be the life ahead of you with this behind you. Nothing will trouble you after experiencing this. Stay strong my friend


Hey man don’t do it, please hold out. I’ve been in terrible depression before, and the only thing that helps is time. You’ll get accustomed to how bad life is I promise. It sounds dark, but once you’ll accept how bad life is life will get better. You’ll learn to enjoy it once more, and there will be light.

Life is not better when your gone.please hold out for at least some years. Get through the next day only, don’t look too far ahead, see how you can enjoy just this day. And treat yourself well.

You’ll get over it man, 100%. That doesn’t mean you’ll recover, but you’ll learn to accept whatever your limitations are. And you’ll see you will be able to enjoy life once more.


The evidence you speak of says that taking alfa 5 reductase inhibitors when you have spf makes your symptoms worse, doesn’t it? But on the other hand, if two people with an equally serious symptom, where one took finasteride in a row and the other in a very interspersed way, should they have the same recovery prognosis?

@Jodido Do not give up, do not lose hope. there are people who have recovered and live happy lives now. you have to fight this


It can but not always I’m only going off what happened to me and the study that stated repeated use makes sufferers worse. Also people with this condition often become sensitive to most inhibitors which is evident in food intolerance. In terms of your second question I’m not sure But for you and where you are in this, settle yourself down, stop obsessing and live a simple stress free lifestyle, wait things out. Your chances of improving are good, time is your best friend. Don’t catastrophosise and look to fulfil your worries. Take it easy one step at a time


Send me a PM. I got PFS at 18 and also continued taking things like Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, etc that I had no idea were 5ar inhibitors. I am now very happy after 16+ years of fighting this condition.


Hi TS, read my thread. Recovery is possible. Trust your body.

You are young. Be patient. You have to fight for it, don’t give up so easy. You’ll look back at this one day and realise I am correct. Stand up and fight back, give it time. You’ll figure it. Don’t waste your life, you’re too good for that.


Cmon brother stay with us
The wheels are finally in serious motion

Science is going to help us
The condition is finally acknowledged

Great things are going to happen but you must be here to see it


Hang in there man!