I found an odd link between MY blood results


OK, so as you guys know I never took fin/prop/acc/ssri. I was working as a garbage man on a construction site when all this happened. I was picking up metal cans and plastic bottles in the sun all day. I believe that could have contributed to my symptoms or the crash diet I went on during this time.

Anyways. Testosterone is in the 700s, but its metabolites, e2 12 (11.5-45) dht 172 (300-850) are both low. I also noticed that on 3 of my blood tests, the first showed elevated ALT + GGT (liver enzymes)
2nd test showed normal ALT+GGT but billirubin was elevated. Finally my test done last week again showed elevated ALT+GGT.

I found that DHT is mainly produced in the liver …

Most DHT is produced in peripheral tissues like the skin and liver, whereas most circulating DHT originates specifically from the liver. The testes and prostate gland contribute relatively little to concentrations of DHT in circulation.[8]_**


Interesting. Many guys over the years have theorised that the liver is central to this condition and hence why water fasts and specific diets have been effective in treating symptoms.