I figured it out the denial. "Loose" erections? This is not reversible?

Guys, i need some help and need to hear your experiences here. Im so sad and depressed to see and deny what happened to me 4 years ago. I didn’t realize that i have erection problems since this winter and especially these last few weeks. And i think many people underestimates their problems here. I don’t think full recovery is possible anymore because my penis now bends to right when erect. Its shape is fucking changed and it happened so slowly thorugh these years that i didn’t realize it. If it was instant it would be better for me. I do whatever i can, im taking daily cialis, taking Tribulus and Vit D and eating low carb diet. I actually got worse and worse. Here is what i ‘‘found’’ and a few important questions to you:

  • When i erect to my fullest potential in my pajamas, my penis bends to right side, this didn’t happened before. Last night i made myself so horny, i was so close to experience a non-stimulative orgasm, without even touching. My PC muscles were clenching and YET my penis still stayed bend to right side in my loose pajamas. When i correct the position to upwards- straight hopefully it stays straight. When im naked, my penis stays straight too just a little bend to right side. But i remember getting rockhard straight erections in my TIGHT underwears when i was 16. Now it stays bend to right side in my loose pajamas if i don’t correct it with my hands…
    **It feels like there is a problem in the PC muscles, they seem like they don’t hold the penis strongly. When i masturbate i can really feel that my penis is loose down there and it tilts-swings to sides when i walk around when erect. ( I all tested this)
    I don’t think this is normal for a 21 year old guy. I thought i only had semen problem but here it goes, i now experience erection problems and i want to die. Im thinking to start a TRT or taking Proviron, im scared. My erections should be rock hard and must straight themselves up in my pajamas. Now it stays naturally bend to right side, i can’t believe i experience this. I don’t want this life.

Anyone experience fairly hard but ‘‘LOOSE’’ and bend erections here? The bend occurs from low blood pressure i think, or androgen deficiency.

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Maybe stop taking vitamin D, some guys crashed on it here. Also I experience the same erection wise, it’s fucked.


I’m sorry to say this Cooper but you’re probably totally fine.

Many, many people have a curve to their penis. Maybe even the majority.

You can have sex.

Your catalogue of “problems” are “not as tall as you think you should be”,
“not as much ejaculate as you think you should have” and now “penis that leans to one side (unless you move it slightly)”

You are going to make yourself completely crazy.

Can you have sex? Yes.

Should you be taller? No idea. Nobody knows.

Should you have more ejaculate? Approximately nobody will care.

Go and live your life. There’s nobody on this entire forum who wouldn’t trade their symptoms for yours. Have fun, make friends, do nice things, start a career. Earn enough money to pay for some PFS research for us all.

Whatever you do, don’t start taking drugs, supplements and mumbo jumbo.


It is interesting you consider my situation as if im making things exaggerate. Im already a hardworker guy, i visit this site while sitting in the bus just to get some information myself and trying to help to others. Im living my life.

It’s not important to have sex! The important thing is to face with the truth and being fully aware of my health situation. Many people can have sex here, is this a excuse to forget and making a compromise what happened to us?

No. I start to experience softer erections, my semen volume is getting lower and lower. I don’t get morning woods. Im 20 years old god’s sake. Lived my childhood as god damn healthy. I was pretty healthy sexually back then. I notice problems in my body and i know these things not normal.

I don’t want to forget this situation and be an impotent man in future. I don’t remember my NATURAL penis size. It is probably smaller now. It looks smaller and im not making this up in my mind here. Nobody does this in this forum. This is real. Im not going to forget this, all i want is to beat this situation.

So, if anyone reads this message now, please respond to this thread. Please share your experience and information about the things i asked and wonder. Thanks very much.

Although im starting to think that this situation is somewhat permanent, only thing keeps me sane is that some few complete recovery stories i read here. I don’t really believe that those people really recovered ‘‘completely’’ their penis size, erections, semen volume etc. I think they are just happy with what they got with a significant ‘‘improvement’’.

Anyone thinks the same? Let’s face it.

Just stop taking all supplements and shit. In your case you can only make yourself worse man. Don’t end up like the severe cases because u couldn’t settle for the one you have right now. You will wish everyday you had accepted your shit, wait at least till proper research is done. It’s the hard reality. In your case it’s not worth to gamble. Good luck.


This topic is an insult to majority of us. Your complains seems like a joke. Don’t use anything and live your life.


A little late to the party here but if youre not getting morning or nocturnal erections, your penis will get temporarily smaller. Once your endocrine system is balanced and you begin to get erections again, you will most likely notice a slow recovery. Im super skeptical of all the claims of permanent shrinkage in this forum because I have experienced severe shrinkage, have confirmed (mild) fibrosis and I still have days where I am at full capacity. It seems impossible to max out my erect size if there was a permanent loss of tissue.

I also want to address fibrosis in general, because I was diagnosed by Goldstein, and while hes at the forefront of doctors to see about our problem, and while I think he genuinely cares, there is no question in my mind that he can make things sound worse than they are. When I went in for my doppler, the female urologist in the office who examined me said that she saw “a little” scarring but she didnt seem overly concerned. Goldstein kind of then worded it in the least favorable way possible. And the same with my shockwave follow up. The uro who examined me said, as she was performing the doppler, “so far so good” and acknowledged that it had improved but it wasnt perfect. But Goldsteins report, again, seemed overly pessimistic. I have a hunch that most urologists wouldnt have such a grim response to my results.

In short, I wouldnt worry about permanent shrinkage. It might be long term but I think you can rest assured that your old penis is still alive and just dormant. I know one thing that has made my situation worse is gaining weight. As a result, I have developed a bit of a pelvic pouch and the fat pushes the pouch against my genitals and makes everything seem smaller. They say that for every 30-40 lbs of weight gained, youll lose an inch of visible penis. Im not suggesting this is our issue, but it can definitely contribute.


Ok but if your androgen receptor is 100% silenced your endocrine system won’t balance again.


Yes gene expression is like a volume knob. Some people are turned down, or up, 20% and others 100%. Those who are completely silenced aren’t going to have windows or recover easily (at all really).

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So if we assume that everyone gets their gene silenced in to some degree, my story goes like this: I only experienced low semen volume when i crash 5 years ago, then later slowly got new symptoms over time, my genes are more silenced now. Therefore, we can assume that semen production is the first vulnerable thing in the body that gets affected first by the drug.
So, actually everyone here has the full list of symptoms. But the silenced genes are so low in percentage, that they don’t notice any changes in micro level?

But i do remember and know cases that experience particular alieanated symptoms. Some guys said their semen volume is normal but their erections are dead.
My semen volume was not normal and i didn’t notice any changes in my erections in the first years. This is strange, the drug should have affected my erections and libido too (which eventually it did few years later) in the beginning. Because how a hormonal change cause just a particular issue on prostate? If DHT is low in the body, i should have other symptoms too. Because everything is connected right?

I was talking with some people who got better and said they are recovered in Acne.org back then, and then they stopped responding my PM’s. Some said they had some erection issues but they have went away now, and their semen volume looks “normal”. I wonder if these guys just not caring it so much and moved on with it. Because how come, one can experience erection issues without no semen reduction for example? I think they do experience it but trying to ignore it for some reason, if we consider your gene hypothesis is true. Also, if its true, again, i think people should notice the semen volume as the first sign of the sexual symptoms. But from what i have read, many people put emphasis on other symptoms maybe because they are more important and noticable than the volume of the semen. What im trying to focus on, is that maybe this drug affects everyone same, but the damage distributed unequally over the body, and we don’t notice some small changes in the body? For example i just realised some weeks ago taking a piss does not feels good anymore. I somehow can’t feel the tingly and good feeling (try to imagine your pre-pfs urinations after drinking lots of fluids) inside my penis when urinating. And im not even sure because i don’t remember how it should feel. Damn.
Lot’s of brainstorm, i have been thinking this for a long time. @jrums01

So methylation is silencing, how do we know or treat ourselves if it’s the opposite and we’re “turned up” as you say?

Well honestly there is no viable way right now. Likely different in all of us, although same target areas. Idk man smh. If you aren’t shut down completely perhaps something could treat symptoms. But you could get worse too. Such a shitty situation. I’m sorry for all of us in it.

I feel you man. I’m not trying to make my situation more important but I’m dealing with long term effects of benzodiazepines on top of all this shit. Seems like once I do something to my body it just won’t heal or go back to normal. Thought I hit the generic lottery by balding at 19 but it was so much worse

Why haven’t you gone and gotten all your hormones checked–gonadal, thyroid, adrenal, etc.?

You are just speculating and obsessing and it is making you worse–it might even be all due to your being stressed!

You need to read up on all this endocrine stuff and go to a competent urologist to rule out 1)peyronies and 2)hypogonadism. Start with that, it will give you some answers and relief.

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Yeah I used benzos a long time too.