I feel lonley. No relationship with ED

My last relationship I lost because of my ED. All my live I had relationships or flirts. Feeling lonley as a man with functioning dick you cold date on tinder to get an new relationship. Now you have to look for asexual friendship and new friends in a world of couples and settled social structures. How do you handle this…

It is very difficult, yes, and in the first year I struggled with social interactions in general. I am fortunate in the sense that I don’t have full-blown ED - just no libido, spontaneous erections, etc - and have been able to function in the years since.

I don’t have much interest in sex, but I have found benefit in finding partners who aren’t interested in relationships and can also be friends. I’ve also been able to find meaning in other things in life as time progresses. Of course it’s not the same, but it helps with coping.

Hang in there my friend.


After 4 months my stunning Ex is now with an old “woman preventer for decades”, that hurts me too. But at least I shot me out with the f…cking pills. I didn’t check the internet for the wellknown siteeffects, including pfs. It was my selfharming behavior!

My old live with affairs or just escort for an evening is still so close to me. I have to live till the end of my days without a partner! Since having pfs I can’t stay allone anymore.

But as you told dear Mitch I have to rearrange my entire live.

  1. Forget the past. Am 59 now (I told 60 to stay anonymus for lurkers, but know I tell it everyone). Forget your f…cking c…ck, you f…cked enough, otherwise it’s really going to kill your mind…
    The ED and (the numb dick) for me and deep inside the hardest thing for so many other users. So hard that Merck had known this effect. Hims & others still marketing online Fin and saw palmetto to young men. (Cynical good for us, bad for the poor guys). Big Pharma still sells SSRIs knowing childs getting lobotomized.

  2. Kill the thoughts to your Ex. I think she doesn’t remember who I am. So cleaning up every memory you lost her over pfs.

  3. Contact all your old friends. Best would be to arrange a regular date once a week or once in two weeks. Visiting with a “tarte” for a coffee time. Call and visit old friends living in other areas.

  4. Enjoy the day. Visit a nice place to walk every day.

  5. Dont get a messi bump, look for your shape and clothes and do your household again.

  6. Go to the gym again. Go to the grocery again. Prepare healthy meals again. Dont live between Cafe, gasstation store for Cola and pizzaservice & cheap wine anymore.

  7. Contact and join freetime activities and meetings with single groups without dating activities.

  8. Look for further education and volunteer work to get a timetable over the week to reduce suicidal thoughts “wont live as no man anymore” and “why did you take the pills, in a relationship just broken for two months” and so on…
    And meet new people. “No, don’t look only for the nice girls”, because my libido is skyhigh as prefin, but so what as a tank without cannon😞

  9. Enjoy the weekends with your child.

  10. Establish a scedule with a fix timeframe to get hold in it.

  11. Try to accept your new asexual live. Pray to god that you, your shitfaced urologist and the criminal pharma connection harmed you at the age of nearly 60 as a senior and not as a child harmed by isotretinoin and ssri dangerous psycho drugs with 14 years, one YouTuber at the age of 9!!! And pray that I didn’t used saw palmetto 20 years ago! I had a pill package all ready in my hand…

Went through that shit for 17 years.

With my implant, I now have about 10 girls I can call at any given point if I get lonely. One of then I am hanging out with Thursday is 21 years old. No more black cloud over my head and fear of ED. It is amazing.


@moonman1 I just listen to your journey and how much you have been suffering for the last 17 years. So I have huge respect for you and that you let us follow your way out of pain. So sorry for my last post.