I feel like I'm on finasteride again

I woke up today and realised. I feel like I’m on finasteride again… I have no interest in girls anymore, I have no interest in girls anymore… I… Have… No… Interest in…

It seems I have no androgenic ability in my body anymore in my 20s. Im devastated. I was out last night and I’ve lost all connection to people. Nothing feels ‘the same’ anymore.

I think it’s from doing accutane septembee-october and finasteride for four days in December I think I’ve destroyed myself.

I can’t really enjoy anything the same now just like I was on fin. It’s really really messed up. I thought I was gonna get better but I’ve only got worse.

My dick just does not work now just like on fin and it’s extremely numb… I can’t believe I did this to myself man, I honestly thought if I stopped the drug side effects would go away just like everyone said.

I guess I’m that 1 in a million Devastated my life will never be the same, I’m actually slightly socially awkward now because of emotional numbness whereas before I was bubbly and always embarassing myself but not really caring haha those were the days


Have you experienced any side effects from Accutane? Im a accutane sufferer and i only used 4 pills, 5 years ago. Im a very mild case. But i start to experience new symptoms and worsenings. Sad to hear you crashed fully with 4 pills. I think Finasteride is more dangerous than Acc. Anyways, did you experience any sides from Accutane before? (Btw you can recover man, stay strong, this is not permanent believe me.)

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That’s right. People like us don’t get rid of the side effects when we stop taking drugs. The world should take this fact for granted.

Sex function side effects tend to be kept secret, so there will be unknown patients around the world.

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Update I managed to bring my sex drive back a little with arimidex which makes me think an abundance of estrogen is part of our issue some how

No improvement in sensitivity however.

Also can a mod or someone get in touch with a mod to please remove this limit from my account that says only new users can post every so many hours it’s really hard to communicate with people

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@Cooper i don’t know if you can see this mate but I’ve read you pm i’m trying to reply i haven’t ignore it just my account wont let me atm

I think it is still early to say if you are but it is not 1 in a million but 1-3 in a hundred.

I honestly didn’t notice any side effects from Accutane mentally, it just made my skin scar which made me pretty angry with it but I’m almost certain it contributes to why I developed PFS. Maybe I wouldve never developed it I didn’t take accutane

Don’t mess with aromatase inhibitors! Did you drink your brain ?! There are people who died in excruciating suffering from aromatase inhibitors! Stop running on the forums! People are crazy and the moderators can’t stop them all. Don’t touch anything. It’s all potentially fatal!


I also went from socially bubbly and doing embarrasing shit without caring, to awkward because of the emptiness. Horrible symptom

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@Rb26dett I was hoping I had high estrogen :frowning: You’re right though its not worth the risk, i was really hoping I could pop an adex and boom the numbness would go and I could go back to my normal life of oh I didn’t have pfs just estrogen imbalance. It didn’t work though. It’s clearly some intracellular level the damage. Something that ain’t getting fixed no matter my hormones. It’s messed up.

I know I’m a moron for even attempting it but I had some adex from the doc due to TRT when I started before PFS but I never needed them because even at the high dose trt I don’t make much estrogen. I was hoping fin just made me make more estrogen or some wild shit idk man I’m desperate pulling at straws or any last hope, at least now I know its not estrogen related.

It was alright though my libido went from completely dead to actually pretty enjoyable for a bit.

@AnhedonicApe I think I’d prefer to lose an eye or a leg than that element of myself and yet here we are where I have lost what makes me, me :s its a cruel and un-ordinary punishment. barbaric by the very definition