I feel like I'm dying soon

I am 5 months into this shit and I continue to deteriorate every day. I have severe nerve pain in my pelvic/groin area which makes me unable to sit or stand for longer periods. My muscles are wasting away, my joints are popping and hurting all over my body, even in my jaw. I’m having heart palpitations and sometimes a stinging pain on my heart/breast. The severe dry eyes, the dizziness. It’s just getting too much at this point. If I continue to deteriorate at this pace I’m afraid I will die from a cardiac arrest or become paralysed.

I am surprised and saddened that I am one of the most severe cases on this forum, and there is still no light at the and of the tunnel. If it doesn’t stop very soon I will be hopeless in this situation. Seeing my health declining in just a matter of a few months is just very distressing and surreal. Also for my mom and family. Never in my life would I have thought a fucking cosmetical drug that is approved in the western world could destroy someone’s body and health like this.


Although it is hell please hang in there. I had a major crash as this 2 years ago and it took a while maybe 9 months to recover to my shitty baseline. It will not be this punishing forever and you will bounce back some.

I am one of the worst cases on here. Stay away from any food that could be making it worse. Drink clean water. Rest. The body had the ability to heal even in this state and things are moving forward in terms of research. Hang in there. Dm me if you need someone to talk to


No i have all the same Symptomes… 13 Years…I can barely walk because of the pain

Please get your hormones tested. You may have become very estrogen dominant. I am highly estrogen dominant and have these symptoms. I will be starting progesterone therapy soon.