I feel grateful because i know this can get much worse

I never took any med that can cause pfs but still suffer from the same symptoms. For 2 days i was hit hard from weird symptoms and i still remember them. Worst feeling ever, i couldnt even move, like a zombie. Brain worked at 10%. My penis had 0 sensitivity, i tried to masturbate and i ejaculated watery semen and had no orgasm, no good feeling. Felt like peeing sperm. For years i suffered from lethargy and dysphoria, feeling a weird mental pain. Then i took some psychiatric medication that has saved my life. I can now live a functional life but still long way from a cure. At least i found medication that took away the dysphoric part. Anyone else here saw improvements with psychiatric meditation?


How long did you have to take the medication before seeing results? What caused your two day crash?

For some i must have had low T cause my body hair was disappearing and my testicles shrinked. Those days must have been the halmark. I saw results from the first week. This is a drug that you slowly increase the dosage for two months until you get to the normal lvl.

Any luck with testicular volume recovery?

Yes that happened for a short period time. Along with it i got body hair loss. My testicles wouldnt produce much testosterone back then i think. Now everything is normal.

Im sorry man, and i dont want to be rude or anything, but STOP IT AND CHANGE THE TITLE IMMEDIATELY…You never took Finasteride, and you admitted it in a former post, so writing that you have PFS, and then suggesting „even indirectly“ that Lamotrigine was the cure for your „PFS“ is VERY MISLEADING and NOT ACCEPTABLE…Admins please change title or delete this post. Thx.

I never said it cured me. It just helps me mentally.

Im not trying to attack, and i dont think you have ill intentions, but please such posts are a bit misleading as new members wouldnt think of looking into your former posts, and immediately jump to try Lamotrigine, without knowing that you never took Fin, and Thats just not fair for them…Ppl around here are really desperate and would try anything to get better including myself

Yes indeed i had this symptom along with body hair loss for sometime i suppose it must have been low T. Later it disappeared. Ok i understand, what you mean, i dont recommend to anyone trying psychiatric medication, it is just something that helps me mask the symptoms and gives me energy, same with some snris that i tried but this is better. What you want me to change?

A small indication that you never took Finasteride at the beginning of your post would be enough (As you all know i never took fin but got hit hard with PFS like symptoms etc…)…
But im in no place to tell you what or how to change…Just do what you think is right, you are a good guy i can tell, and im happy that your symptoms got better.

Right now i have naturally low 5ar, my DHT is very below the normal range while having pfs symptoms. If i take DHT and i improve, wouldnt that be an indication that allopregnanolone or some other 5a hormone isnt the main culprit? I think it is an interesting experiement.

Sadly PFS is much more complicated than mere taking DHT or T. But again if you never took any Med, maybe your problem is just hormonal, and in your case (although i never recommend it to a PFSler) i would really recommend that you go visit a good Andrologist or endroconlogist (Steer away from any urologist who doesn’t have a degree in Andrology, as they know nothing of sexual dysfunction other than penile Implantat and Viagra)…Where do you live btw? You can pm if you want.

ok i will