I developed the PAS in addition to PFS

After taking the PFS in July, in the month of September I hired (on the advice of the doctor) the Vitamin b1, better known as Tiamina. I took 10 tablets of 300mg. I noticed I greatly worsened all my symptoms, in the first place the body was totally anesthetized, then my bones and muscles hurt, and cold in my legs and the sexual situation got worse. All things that I did not have before PAS. I think the same thing happened to me @douglasmich RIP. I think my ER receptor was also fucked. In this nightmare there also seems to be @tisho1012 (from Vitamin K2) and @Finfina (from Letrozol). @Konflict (from Vitamin E) RIP.

I can say that it is a total nightmare. The worst of nightmares.

Does anyone have any advice for us? What could help us improve? Any advice appreciated.

We were completely ruined by the doctors. Do not take any Vitamin from Group B, E and K2.
They are anti-estrogens, they are Aromatase inhibitors. Be cautious. They are dangerous.


PAS = Post Accutane Syndrome?

I’m sorry to hear of a setback for you, @Demon.

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No, Post-Aromatase Syndrome.

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my friend got pfs like symptoms from testosterone injections so go figure that…

i will be trialing if i get my hands on the demethylating agent i was telling u about

the theory is that some genes have been methylated so this might help

high risk for general health
possible system organ failure
mostly demethylates proliferating cells not normal cells

pray to god it works :’)

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Forgive my lack of knowledge but does the demethylating agent affect particular genes? How will you know if it’s going to affect the correct ones other than hoping? Is there a way to target specific genes?

If you’ve got the plan - demethylate genes - then shouldn’t you be looking into the targets?

the agent demethylates genes that are in cancer
idk how its gonna help us,but i dont have any better idea to fix this :confused:
it would be better to target specific genes ofc,but there isnt such agent for that

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Does that mean that the Demethylating agent will just turn on all silenced genes? If you’re prepared to potentially end your life with this roll of the dice, wouldn’t it be worth waiting to see what our 23&Me project throws up?

If you’re really looking at ending your life or glory wouldn’t it be better to campaign for more involvement in our projects first?


i dont see any point in investing to ur project,just as i didnt see a point investing in the baylor and other studies which ended as epic fails honestly

I don’t think you have acquired what me and @lowe2sucks have. I just think your PFS got much worse through the use of those vitamins. Only Vitamin E is known to inhibit aromatase. I think you’re just freaking out due to your situation getting much worse, but rightfully so. I can’t inagine what you’re going through and I feel terrible. The only bit of advice I can give you is to stop trying and using supplements or experimental treatments. As you have stated, different treatments is what has made you worse. As well as my self and many others including @awor … People on this website get extremely upset and defensive when I state I am against experimental treatments and your post is a prime example why. Hang in there man


@gents93 Are you so sure? I caught PFS from a flavonoid (Oxerutin). After Vitamin B1, my symptoms got drastically worse, so I’m not surprised. Vitamin B1 inhibits aromatase. It blocks estradiol in the liver.

Nothing in that passage indicates it’s an aromatase inhibitor. It just helps metabolize it for excretion

it does say it potentiates DHT production. with severe PFS, increases in androgens will make one worse as evidenced by anecdotal reports. that’s likely the source of your worsening

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“Similar studies were made by Segaloff and Segaloff (1944). They injected estrogens intrasplenically into castrate female rats and noted the per cent showing estrus. They concluded that a deficiency of the vitamin B complex decreased the ability of the liver to inactivate estrone and a-estradiol, and that the addition of thiamine and riboflavin restored the ability of the liver to inactivate these substances.”

So you think the DHT raised me even more? How can I be sure? How can the estrogen receptor be tested?

@axolotl in your opinion?

So you think so have a problem with estrogen receptor???
This souns quite extrany for me…

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Yes, I suspect it. After vitamin b1 I get worse.
I add that I also felt the smell of burning in the brain.

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a few things

what this paper describes is NOT aromatase inhibition. this is estrogen and estrone metabolism - meaning the way they are broken down in the body for excretion, which occurs in the liver… not shockingly.

yes, it most likely increased DHT which PROBABLY made you worse. we can’t be so sure.

and you can’t commercially test estrogen receptor fx

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I before my Vitamin b1 my body was hot, it burned. Now it is the opposite, it is extremely cold in the extremities, the legs above all. The problems of white hair, and wrinkled skin, hair loss, came after this. I’m going crazy