I definitely have a venous escape to the penis


I definitely have a venous escape to the penis. Let me explain better, I have impotence etc. But in certain positions I lose rigidity very quickly to the penis, immediately, for example from lying down, belly up, the glans and the trunk deflates completely, while from supine, or sideways, unbelievable is maintained even if with difficulty. Does anyone have the same “position” problem? I believe it is a defect of the connective tissue or elastin and the blood does not hold back.


@moonman1 do you have the same?


Can you get erect? What I called my impotence period was the 6 weeks when I COULD NOT GET AN ERECTION EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT…
If you lose you erection, it is more erectile dysfunction without wanting to play on words :).

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@Demon have you seen a urologist and what did he say about this?
Do you mean veinous leakage?

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Yes. I maintain an erection (or at least the one I get) in a lateral position, I stand on my back. While lying down, belly up, everything disappears, as if the blood goes away.


Yes, I think I have a venous leak


If it is a veinous leakage, a urologist will definitely diagnose this mate.
Most of us here won’t be able to give you an answer but we will always try to cheer you up :).

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For many urologists, venous escape does not exist, like PFS.
Thanks for supporting my friend :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


@demon sent u a MP mate… If you fell like chatting please do.

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It does not exist but then you put the prosthesis for 10,000€
Shit really shit doctors.


I had a period where I noticed I could only get a full erection when lying on my side.

With time this has improved and I can get an erection even when standing or lying on my back now.

It’s possible for that to get better.

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I have read this before from other members as well.

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I read into venous leak for a bit - and while I agree it does seem to me that many doctors are not up to the “cutting edge” of things so to speak, much of the literature surrounding venous leak tends to revolve around the lack of androgens, leading to a subpar rigidity of the muscles of the penis. I cannot provide to you references as I don’t have them on hand so only take what I say for what it’s worth, but it seems to make sense to me that if you get shut down from propecia (As I certainly did, proven by bloodwork early on) and have a substantial decrease in circulating androgens (mine was >50% decrease) and no longer have morning wood which stretches and works out these same muscles, that the penis is not going to engorge and expand to any significant degree.
The way I think of this is just like if you sprain and ankle, or in a more direct sense if you lets say were bed ridden for 6 months because of an accident and then attempted to walk. It just is not going to happen, and those legs are not going to even get close to the way it was until really about the 6 month mark of PT. There is no reason to think that the penis wouldn’t act the same to some degree.

Let me ask you, do you have consistent morning woods or have you ever had one that just showed up randomly when you woke up?

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I have exactly the same problem. And was diagnosed venous leak 2 years ago.

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Anyway, in some positions I can have sex.
And with Tadalafil, it’s much better.
I guess one day the problem will be solved, either on its own or with stem cells.

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