I cured my CPPS

A while back I have written about my 95% recovery from PFS.

I know some of you get CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) after PFS. I had it for 10 years before. It made my life so miserable for 15 years. And on top of PFS, you can imagine.

I was always skeptical of all psychosomatic accusations by doctors. And let me clear: PFS is not psychosomatic. You don’t stop losing your hair (like I did while on PFS) or have a muscle shrinkage and so on, due to psychosomatic issues.

Nor is CPPS psychosomatic either. But I healed through the help of my new found god: John Sarno. The orthopedic industry hates him. He cured so many people with musculoskeletal problems including: howard stern, larry david, and a long list of celebrities who had the courage to tell their story.

I went from not being able to masturbate without having 3 weeks of pain. I avoided sex. Would wake up every single day with pain. Would sit on a heat pad. I really never though I can fully recovery within 2-3 weeks. And now I am upset no one mentioned him.

Once I had that experience, almost spiritual, I understood how much the brain can fuck up with you, on purpose.

You must believe in his approach to heal. It might heal other issues you are having, and MAYBE some of the sx of PFS. But again, I am not saying PFS is psychosomatic.

Before I get to his theory (which you can find on forums, there is also an extremely detailed recovery story on the cpps forum), here is what I did and what I think one should approach this:

  • Watch the movie All the Rage. This will give you some confidence in that this guy is not a crook, not after your money, and you will hear some eye watering stories.

  • Read the book. It might be repetitive. But a couple of times. I heard it on podcast.

  • He has a private meditation (not sure it is on youtube). He has a couple but one of them walks you through 13 facts you should understand.

I got better, and everytime I felt bad, I listened to that audio, and would feel better within an hour.

A month later I am jerking off like a 15 y.o. with absolutely no pain.
Now the reason this is incredible is because there were so many pieces of evidence of structural problems with my pelvis. Muscle tightness. Overactive nerves. Whenever I had pain I could relate it to an activity I have done. So in my mind there was physical cause and physical effect. I would wake up with it every day. How can that happen, even when I am not stressed.

Well his theory is super interesting. But if I were you, if you are dealing with bad cpps that is, I would urge you to believe every word he says. Some might be wrong. But this whole Stanford protocol where they take 10K from you for a hope that you will get 25% better in 1 year is not worth thinking about before you give Dr. Sarno (now deceased) a chance.

His theory is that the unconscious brain is irrational. It can do things to hurt you. The damage and pain is real, it is due to low oxygen deprivation. But it is caused by your brain to distract you from your ANGER and FEAR. I started healing when I believed that. I would shout at my self, talk to my brain, say I know you are fucking with me to distract me from my emotions. Worked like a dream. Not a day of pain in 1 month.

It is sad to think that I spent 17 years dealing with this nightmare and could have saved myself had people given him more credit. Instead they talk about PT, drugs, meditation, etc. Nope, that is not the answer he gives. I am pretty confident that those with CPPS will heal if they follow these steps.

If you try them, get back to us, and let us know. You might be able to find a cheap used book, and audiobook free trial, or something like that.

The unconsious brain, according to his theory tacks the pain to the areas you are most concerned about. So if you had a minor knee incident, it will show up there. So it is not a coincidence that in our patient group, the pelvis is the place where it is easiest to create fear.


Have you recovered from the numbness and ED? These are my main symptoms.


Thank you for sharing @numbduck and congrats on the recovery! :slight_smile:

I’ve read one of Sarno’s books before and watched most of his youtube videos on TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome). I did this when I was convinced I had CPPS instead of PFS, months ago (many symptoms do seem to overlap, after all). Now, I must admit I never truly believed in it, which, according to the theory, is absolutely critical. Maybe I didn’t do it long enough, as some people take months of mental work to truly heal. And as you said, it’s the fear which keeps you in a state of disease. And I am extremely fearful right now. Even though I’m grateful for this place, it creates a lot of fear in me.

I’m also not saying PFS is purely psychosomatic. It’s obvious 5ARI can produce significant side effects, but I’ve always wondered why our bodies simply did not return to normal after quitting. I know of at least one other recovery in this forum who credits Sarno for overcoming PFS. And of course English’s recovery. Can TMS be part of the solution to all of this? I almost don’t dare utter it here…

They key is to truly believe in it, though. You can’t just give it a shot. You must fully accept and internalise it. This means leaving this place, living healthy lifestyle, quitting all research on PFS, realising that the symptoms are real but are being perpetuated by your mind, and work hard on ridding yourself of the fear around it and other mental traumas or emotional issues you might have that could contribute to it.

Also noteworthy that Obitoo, who wrote the extensive “HF Unraveled” on CPPS/Hard Flaccid (I recommend reading it) concluded that the whole condition is in essence a psychosomatic one, and references Sarno in this regard.

Haven’t seen All The Rage yet. Will definitely check it out!

I have freequent urination,lower abdomen pain,pain at the base of penis they are sign of pelvic floor problems but not like cpps sufferers I am not in 7/24 pain but I believe my ED is due to pelvic floor tension or fascia tension something like that.

Thanks @Crembo
My main takeway from Sarno is that the unconscious mind really messes with you in ways that seems very real, far from psychosomatic. Endorsing symptoms that you are most scared off.

It plays on your unconscious fears, which conflates cause and effect. For example I discovered I enjoyed swimming and never thought it would increase my pelvic pain but it did. Never gave it a thought. Therefore it is reasonable for me to assume that the pain was not due to fear. Not true. It is the unconscious mind that is the issue.

So yes, thank god for Sarno. It takes a leap of faith but once you do it, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel like I did. I am talking about pelvic pain here.

Now unlike with CPPS, there is a structural problem when it comes to PFS. Our hormones change, hair stop falling, dry face, ear does not produce wax, among the many objective findings. However, given how much PFS instill fears in us, we have created a path of least resistance for the unconscious mind to take its anger on. Therefore I have no doubt that some of the symptoms (such as hard flaccid) and so on, MIGHT be a TMS symptom. That is the brain builds on where there is actual structural issues, to cause you more pain and symptoms to distract you from your emotions.

Which I why I would like to encourage people to do what I do what I am trying to do everyday, which is to be skeptic about your symptoms. Even if they are real. Pretend they are not. Don’t let them intimidate you. And what you might achieve is a decrease in the number of symptoms. But unfortunately not a cure, because there is a structural element that remains there.

To put things into perspective, placebo effect “works” even with cancer patients. Which is impressive. But clearly the effect is too small to make a significant dent in cancer’s progression.

All is all, we should continue to demand the truth about our condition, seek a solution, and accept the fact that some structural problems were created due to Fin, SP, RU and others, while at the same time trying to be resilient and understanding that the brain would tack on other symptoms simply to fuck with us if we let it do so.

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Can you please share the audio? And exactly what you did? I don’t understand what it cured you? Please say exactly whay you did and share the sources of those audio books?

Thanks a lot!


I am trying to find it online, but it is not easy. I have it as a file but too large to upload.
If anyone has a dropbox link for me to upload this anonymously I would be happy to do it. Otherwise, I will try to find something when I have more time, hopefully in the coming days. Sorry I am not coming here that often.

The CPPS forum kicked me out because of my success story. This is how things work in the business these days.