I cured but I am afraid. please help me

hi everyone,

i am happy and I am afraid. my sides mostly cured from Rick Simpson Oil. I used it for 3 months. now I need leave it but I am afraid about addiction. what should I do ? cold turkey or anything ? I tried pass a dose and I feel some addiction feelings like depression. help

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Wow I think you’d be the first to fully recovery using RSO - congrats! I tried RSO and nearly lost my mind as I tried to lower the dose daily. Have you reduced the dose to a reasonable level like 1 gram of weed worth or 100 mg of thc a night? Once you’ve steadily gotten down to this dose you aren’t exactly an addict - just use as medication for sleep. Cold turkeying when you are doing 1000mg is dangerous

Rick Simpson is just another charlatan.

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yes everybody charlatan. only you are smart. If you’re that smart, what are you doing here?

I’m trying to share information and just want some hope, the guy is trying to give me despair. After that, you’re drowning in your own shit. If you maintain this mindset, you cannot heal forever. But I don’t care. Your own choice. Have it your way!