I crashed very hard on zinc

My dick’s shrunk

Scrotum pain

decreased libido

the fuck with all these supplements


Zinc inhibits 5AR in high amounts, how much did you take??


hi AaronF
5 pills
15mg each.


Zinc cashed me badly in 2017. It was among the potent stuff that suppressed my E2 and unleashed the gates of hell. I wouldn’t touch it ever again in its isolated form.

Turned me over too

Doomed but you recommended to drink zinc.

What would be considered high for Zinc Piconolate?

When did I recommend that?

I would never take it on back to back days.


Maybe its because you 75mg. Did you take all 5 pills at once?

no Chapman, every day one pill.

Sorry for that bud, I thought you’d took 75mg in one shot, that’s a crazy amount. I’m sure you’ll bounce back in time.

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RDA for Zinc is 11mg. In that particular post I was trying to provide a “specific” regimen to help him because he had very high E2 and was using AIs, which may cause irreversible damage just like finesteride. That said, those with normal E2 should never exceed 11mg. Anyhow, it’s been such a long journey and I’ve learned so much along the process. Godspeed

I took too much zinc too and it has ruined me for 3 years now,

how much did you take it?

The thing with Zinc in high doses is that it depletes copper. So my advice is to totally lay off Zinc and try eating beef liver like twice a week for a month or two. You can also have serum Zinc level measured. Good news is that body isn’t efficient in storing Zinc and your level would eventually come down. Mine did. And while it killed my E2 in the past plus giving me non-existent libido, I don’t think it causes permanent damage.