I caught a cold at the end of my efforts

I wear thin clothes even if it’s cold.
I caught a cold like that.
Brainfog doesn’t attack me.
Things look calm and clean.
The poop is not soft, it’s hard to get rid of.
My hands and feet get warm and I get sebum powder.
So I will catch a cold all year long. ᅲ

I also feel better when I have a cold.

It’s been written about a number of times here.

Yes, so I try to catch a cold.
I don’t know why this is happening.

Neither do I.

Perhaps time to visit any friends who are ill!

Can you explain this? Do you mean your vision and sogginess has improved or do you mean this generally?

I am not good at English because I am Korean.
This means that anxiety subsides and the blurring caused by brainfog decreases.
I usually contract with nervousness, and I have a sharp, sharp headache.