I believe tribulus has cured me!

Who cares why it fcked me up. the fact it did fck me up, it could many more, as it did already. stay away


Which brand of tribulus did you use ?

So, you’re saying that there’s no way of knowing if trib will fuck you up before taking it?

I took Vemoherb Tribulus and yes it worsened me after i quit. I think it is downregulated AR’s.

Downregulated AR is what we want though right?

Im not really sure. If that was the case taking an another 5ar inhibitor again would cure us?

This is so true. I know this user is banned but excess cortisol will KILL any recovery. I’m developing ways for myself to suppress the killer hormones, excess testosterone (I had 895ng/dl in Dec 2019 - Not a good thing when your estrogen is 55pg/nl as well) and cortisol. Meditation is key here, not letting your anger or stress take over you is key here.


In theory yes, but most of the recoveries come from agents that do the opposite.

I disagree. I think most people are recovering at least in part using anti androgenic substances.

You have posted this over and over. Why not try a bunch of different anti androgens if you are so confident about that?

I am. But I’m taking things slow, and it’s not consistent yet. But this is the most I’ve improved in months. (Using St John’s Wort)

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It would be interesting to know whether @MOONCHILD had visible penile changes (new dark purple prominent veins for instance) or his penis has visually alright. I am not sure whether those changes inhibit the recovery of erections.

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Damn this thread! It was what convinced me to try tribulus over 18 months ago, since then it has continued to deteriorate dramatically. I’ll probably die from this shit. Curse! I wish I wouldn’t have followed all these people who I believe had simple hormonal drops who come here to give hope to those who really suffer and in the naivety of despair they try sponsoring substances and become seriously ill!

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Multiple posts have been deleted from this topic.

A person’s response to treatment is no personal fault or triumph that they deserve to be chastised or glorified over. Same with another person’s assessment of the risk of a treatment being worth it for them, or not. None of the other members should be treated as adversaries here.

Sorry @Rb26dett, our rules about treatment recommendations were not so heavily enforced in the past. I’ve also been burnt badly in the past by not weighing the risk of treatments with mostly positive and neutral anecdotes. I can’t blame those people for simply claiming they felt better in some way.


I was also hurt by tribulus badly, though I think it has worsen me only temporarily. Tribulus has been takin into the list of anti-androgens by the propeciahelp web editors.
Our lessons proved to rather avoid trib for everyone suffering PFS


@Dubya_B, My friend, you cannot imagine how much suffering I feel every day. I am seeing my brain deteriorate on a daily basis. I am now completely disabled, but I am not recognized as such and I have not been able to work for more than a year. I’m penniless and I can’t do it. I’ve forgotten everything I knew about my job. I lost my identity. I want to get better again. I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m desperate. I need help. I just want to get better cognitively. I don’t think about sex anymore. Why doesn’t this continuous worsening stop? Why do I have to suffer so much?

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Can you please share the brand name? Thanks so much for sharing your optimistic story!

Three years on, and many positive and negative experiments later, the best ( and hardest) thing for me has been to do nothing, and allow my body to try and find an equilibrium.

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