I Beat Finasteride and Dutasteride post side effects!

Hi all, I signed up today to give you guys some hope and some insight to the whole PFS. My story is that I have tried both topical finasteride and dutasteride, and gotten sexual side effects from both for long periods.

In sep 2016 I used topical finasteride for 9 months and stopped in july 2017 because I realized I had no libido and morning erection and it was all due to finasteride. I quit, and the side effects wore off after 2 days. it was good for about 2 weeks, but then the post finasteride symptom came and I lost my libido and experienced ED for about 5 months.

during this time I took several blood tests, all came back normal but I was having ED, brain and penis disconnect, and low libido. I went to the doctor the 2nd time (now in january 2018) and he told it was impossible, and prescribed me viagra. I took my first viagra and masturbated to a huge erection- one I haven’t gotten in months. After that moment, everything literally reset itself. ED was gone, libido returned to normal, no more brain and penis disconnect.

Everything had fixed itself. This was January 2018.
In june 2018 I decided to try something else, dutasteride. huge mistake. I hadn’t experienced any side effects for about 3 months, but one day in september 2018 I realized I had no libido and morning erection again, and this time it was due to the dutasteride. I stopped using it immediately, but the side effects took longer to wear off because dutasteride has a long half life. after 2 weeks, my libido and erections came back, lasted for a month, but then I experienced the crash. In nov 2018, my libido was no normal anymore and I was not getting morning erections. I tried to fix it like the first time by taking viagra to try to reset everything, but it didn’t work! I also tried a bunch of supplements but they also didnt work! This time it was lot worse, my penis developed numbness in march even though I had already been off dutasteride. I was thinking maybe it’ll take 7 months for the whole thing to get flushed out of my system, but it didnt. My blood test and everything was still normal. I still tried viagra and to masturbate to try to reset the rhythm but nothing worked. august 2019 (just last month) I started to panic because a lot of time went by but it wasn’t getting any better. I thought it was actually permanent this time and suicidal thoughts started running through my head. This was the worst.

Now, i’m going to tell you guys something because things get better from here on. if you are feeling suicidal, or feel like you have no purpose to live because your penis is not working think about this:
before you suicide, think about going to some place where nobody knows you and just spend all your money on prostitutes and hookers and whatever you want to at give you any sort of therapy because if you are already dead you might as well spend all your money and go out big. I didn’t do that but thinking about seriously relieved me at a moment where I felt suicidal.

I went to see a sexual health specialist in august and there are some words she said that seriously helped literally flick a switch in my mind.

- The brain is the most powerful sex organ
- what I have isn’t due to any hormonal issue because the blood work has proved it. There’s nothing wrong with my body chemistry
- we want to try to really restore the mind and body connection
- there is nothing wrong with my androgen receptors (in spite of all the theories about them being shut off)

I told her that I’d constantly panic and my body would wake up in the middle of night because I wasn’t getting any nocturnal erections and it felt unnatural that I’d wake up in such panic, and try to force masturbate so I could try to reset my body and hopefully try to create that connection. she then said

- i should stop all this behaviour, and that there is nothing wrong to just let it be natural. I will be perfectly fine if I don’t masturbate, even for a month. If I get morning erection its fine, if I don’t its fine. Don’t force it. Masturbate only when you really feel like you need to

my body was telling me otherwise, but after hearing her say this, i felt so relieved, and didn’t need to pressure myself to do all this.

she then prescribed me a daily low dose of cialis to be taken nightly to try to reset the body.

I followed her instructions. Last week, after not masturbating for a week, and not getting morning erections, I started to feel a little bit of an urge, then naturally released when I felt like it. I was also taking daily dose of cialis. I still had low libido, numb penis, and no morning erections.

This monday I felt the urge again, and this time masturbation felt really good. it’s as if some sensitivity had partly restored.

Last night I had a huge spontaneous erection that made me so horny I masturbated, and it felt REALLY good this time. This morning I had to do it twice because the urge was unbelivable and my sensitivity has come back! I haven’t felt like this 1 year! holy shit I am going crazy now. I think I really beat it this time. I am so horny right now.

Im here to pass on basically what the sexual specialist told me. If there is nothing wrong with your hormones, and bloodwork but you are experiencing ED and no libido, take my word that I passed on here. Also, eat asparagus. I started eating it about a week ago. I can’t determine that it worked, but theres nothing wrong with trying.




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Thanks for the story.
But, it is a bit early for talking about 100% of succes, don’t you think?
A lot of us yas though we were cured but after a while…it was not. I am not telling you aren’t, pf course, but let’s be cautois.

Anyway…are you still talking cialis?


Cialis and viagra don’t give people libido so I’m not sure what your talking about.


@Tomas no I don’t think it’s too early. I haven’t felt like this in over a year. But I will let you know if things change. I stopped using Cialis for one day and will see because I’m too horny that I don’t need it right now

@AaronF I know and that’s what I thought too. The first time I was reluctant to listen to the doctor because while I could get some erection, it didn’t feel good because I had no desire, but after that first time using Viagra, it literally reset everything, as if somehow the blood got pumping it got things working again and whatever that horny feeling is made up of started flowing in.

Honestly, I think you beated Finasteride’s and Dutasteride’s side effects.
PFS is another think. Physical and mental sides, in PFS, almost make you forget about sexual sides.
I’m happy for you. Because you can take back youe life again. But you didn’t beat PFS, just side effects.


I masturbate every day and I can have erection with manual stimulation tbh. But it has nothing to do with being healed. I am not horny as I used to be. I can not enjoy real sex. My penis is numb as hell and I do not feel horny even if I pentrate. Being cured is not just being able to masturbate and have orgasm. Being cured is feeling good, having a spontaneous erections when you think about sex or when you see something sexual. Being cured means feel energy, passion and lust for life. Being cured is being able to have sex whenever you want.

Btw, if Viagra restarted your pfs first time, you probably don’t know what pfs is. You are a guy who registred today or yesterday to post us your fishy story. Sorry but your story is soooo lightweighted.

I wish some of the guys who registred few years ago post recovery story. Do not make fun with us sick people, please. :heart::heart::heart:

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BREAKING NEWS! Going a long time without sexual release can increse your libido and erection frequency, sometimes, even if you have PFS.