I am going to try HGH with HCG (Any warnings?)

Guys, im currently on 2 week of my HCG protocol 250iu 3x a week. And im going to use Genotropin HGH to speed up my epigenetic changes.

What i wonder is, will using HGH at low doses for a month shut down my own natural production of HGH?

Will my own production come back to normal levels after quitting the drug?

Are there any dangers? Thanks.

What would be your dosage and how often are you going to use it?

I’ve been on low dose HGH + Cortisone. I didn’t get withdrawal symptoms after stopping like testosterone. That said, I didn’t get tested for GH and IGF-1 so it’s totally anecdotal.

What makes you feel HGH accelerates epigenetic reset? Just curious. Have you considered fasting and lifestyle changes like those Ozeph has had success with?

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Have you started the HGH?

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Let us know how your feeling on it
Good luck man
If you don’t mind, what does that set you back monthly?

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How’s the regime going?

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@Cooper Have you started the HGH?

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