Hypogonadism Trial in the USA with Dr Goldstein



I just saw the above.

I don’t know if anyone here would be considered eligible, but Dr Goldstein will soon be looking for patients to enroll in a trial, if you’ve been in contact with him already or are interested, it would be worth making contact.

Just a quick note - I have never had any contact with this doctor, I only know of his name from here.


Yup, this guy is probably the leading PFS doctor I have found through research and listening to podcasts. I left him a message (although very early in my recovery) to take a more preventative approach, however he hasn’t returned my call yet.

I would absolutely be willing to partake in a trial regardless of whether I end up with PFS or not.


You can treat hypo not just by the simple TRT.
Mr. Gdstein is for sure a nice guy and aware of pfs but he cannot help with pfs as I read.

Cause pfs is not hypogonadism and low try as pfs ppl can have highish androgens without no effect on the cell/AR.


Did this trial end up being good to go?