Hypogonadal symptoms after 1 pill, T levels are low

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Finasteride, forget dosage but one pill

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Think it was 1mg just one day

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1 day, 1 pill

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cold turkey

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Strictly libido, anxiety at beginning but subsided

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Hearing loss
Increased hair loss
Frequent urination
Lowered body temperature

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What (if any) treatments have you undertaken to recover from your side effects since discontinuation of the drug?
D-Aspartic Acid
TRT briefly (2 months)

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Low testosterone - Measured at 250 mg/L

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So I have kind of an interesting story, I took propecia one time, just one pill in 2018 and immediately had side effects. I was aware that could happen and aware PFS existed but from what I read it was extremely, extremely rare.

I immediately had side effects and stopped taking Finasteride. After a week I returned completely back to normal and was normal for 6 months until I was with a girl and couldn’t get an erection. I felt off that week and thought I had low T. Didn’t consider Propecia to be the cause because it was 6 months ago and I was fine.

I started taking D aspartic acid and felt great for a full year. By the end of the year I decided to see a doc, got tested and had low T (250 mg/L). He put me on TRT, still at this point I was not thinking propecia had anything to do with it. I was on for 2 months and felt great, problem is I was taking it via injection every 3 weeks and eventually my estrogen levels spiked and I had ED. I’m thinking more frequent and less volume injections would avoid that issue.

After stopping TRT and once my estrogen levels lowered I felt great for a couple weeks until my T dropped again.

Everytime I have felt bad, I’ve either had low T or high E. I’m curious about this because everyone on here with PFS seems to have normal hormonal levels, when my hormones are at normal levels I feel great. I do think propecia caused this issue but I’m wondering if anyone is in a similar boat, is this PFS or just hypogonadism? I’m hesitant to try TRT again even though it worked because I’ve read here ppl have gotten worse.

Sorry for the rambling story please ask any questions or let me know if anyone else has had similar situation.

Hi there,

Welcome to our community. First of all I’m sorry to hear about the symptoms you’re experiencing. Your case certainly doesn’t seem to follow type, although I would say that “type” is a term I use loosely considering how variable the symptom profile is.

Experiencing your first side effects 6 months post cessation isn’t something I’ve seen elsewhere amongst other patients, but maybe a more experienced moderator could chime in on that.

Unfortunately it’s very difficult for anyone here to give you a concrete answer in regards to whether or not fin is what’s causing your symptoms. Most patients I’ve come across tend to experience a “crash” within the first few weeks/months after stopping the drug, so this is certainly new to me.

However I certainly wouldn’t rule out finasteride being the cause either, but if it is you appear to be a mild case which is certainly a good thing.

I would also warn that we have a case of a user who started the drug on two separate occasions, with the first course of fin leading to a very mild case of PFS - so mild he didn’t realise he had PFS. The second dose a number of years later unleashed hell and led to an extremely severe case of the condition.

Ultimately the only advice I can give you is firstly, and most obviously, do not re-expose yourself to finasteride or any other potent 5ar inhibiting substance. As previously mentioned, if you do have PFS it seems as though it’s a very mild case so if you eat well, rest well and exercise there’s a chance you’ll see improvements over time.

In regards to TRT, unfortunately nobody can give you any solid advice. If you are indeed a PFS patient then I would urge caution, but since that is seemingly unclear it’s something you’re going to have to weight up yourself. I know this all of little help but we’re all in the dark when it comes to this condition so reliable therapies offering relief are extremely limited.

All the best with it anyway man and I hope it works out. Feel free to ask any other questions if you need it.

I am the same rogaine + sp + accutane.
Low T and only have sexual sides.

Have you had success with anything? As of now a natural T booster has worked fine but cycling on and off is annoying and it can lose it’s potency at times. TRT worked great but I’m hesitant to return to it before trying other safer options.

This is really helpful thanks for taking the time to follow up. I agree I’ve been reading this board for the last few months hoping to find someone similar and I cannot.

I am going to proceed with caution for now and not jump back into TRT until I’ve really exhausted other safer options. I exercise and eat well already before I even took Finasteride, haven’t had any sleep or anxiety issues and I most certainly will never consider taking it again.

If anyone else reading this has had a similar experience please let me know. Thanks!

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As we are trying to have a baby my doc puts me on clomid + cialis during those IVF periods. Although he is very eager to put me on TRT he avoids it as will affect spermatogenesis.
I am ok while on clomid, mostly because knowing my T is in 700’s comforts me although without cialis doesn’t change much sexually.

There was a 3-4 year period where I didn’t do anything. I had testicular shrinkage in the end. This is what is troubling me the most lately.

My understanding is that physiological affects of living with low T is considered a higher health risk than being on TRT hence docs are very positive about it.
Last time I read about TRT and finding out liver cancer being a side effect scared me again, it is a tough call for me.

Thanks for the feedback, Clomid has been something I’ve been researching as well. Are there any adverse side effects to using Clomid that could cause long term damage or is that a lot safer than TRT?

Also, if Clomid is getting your T to 700’s why does your doctor want you on TRT?

Clomid is not seen as a long term treatment and the reasons are not fully clear for me.

I suspect Clomid not being an fda approved drug for men might be the reason.
Prostate cancer is reported as a side affect.

The side effect that concerns me the most is that it affects the retina. Last time I went to an ophtalmogist she was worried to see my retina and put me on routine control.

@Dubya_B recently told me about climophene variants on trial that doesn’t have the same side effects as clomid which sounds promising.

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Very helpful thanks

Wouldn’t like to come across as a pharma rep :joy: but this is the one - enclomiphene citrate

Strange. I did a little bit of digging and noticed this drug appears to have been in the approval process since 2011 at least, never approved, but currently purported to be available on the grey market by its chemical name.

Interesting part is that it’s an isolated E/Z stereoisomer of one of the 2 constituents of clomiphene, enclomiphene (Androxal) and zuclomiphene.

Enclomiphene supposedly has fewer/lessened side-effects and less activation of the estrogen receptors than zuclomiphene, but doesn’t work as well for female fertility.

It may be that it was impossible for the company to file a valid patent protection claim against another manufacturer producing a mixture that is 99% enclomiphene and 1% zuclomiphene, which should be easy to synthesize or extract with minimal effort, so they didn’t bother pursuing the patent aggressively?

Organic chemistry lesson aside, it might be worth anyone considering clomid to contact the manufacturer and ask for documentation on the ratio to find out exactly what they are taking.

The estradiol Problem could be solved if you start the trt with 50mg testo e4d that means 0.2 ml e4d so the levels are much more konstant and combin it with 6.25mg or 12.5 mg exemestane e3d you have to check the estradiol levels to see if 6.25 or 12.5 is netter.

Or you can try to get normal levels with 20mg tamoxifen ed combined with 6.25mg exemestan e3d for six weeks.

Ps i have the same Problem and Start with tamox and exe when i found a Place where i get this

Interesting, my doc recommended Clomid but the reviews I’ve read is the hormones will return to normal levels but libido doesn’t for various reasons.

The fact that TRT worked fantastic for me for 2 full months until my estrogen was thru the roof (because my doc injected me every 3 weeks) makes me think TRT could work. I’m thinking of going back to TRT then trying HCG, Clomid or Tamoxifen to see if that will get my system working normal again.

I feel there’s two sections of guys from reading here, some with debilitating PFS that is very difficult to recover from and a section that developed low T from finasteride or a hormonal imbalance that can be treated.

Georg if you don’t mind me asking, what has worked best for you? It sounds like you also just have low libido and low T as an issue not anything else like myself

Iv startet with
vitamin k2+d3 5000iu ed
Vitamin E 200mg ed
Iron i dont konw how much in the morning
+1g vitamin c
200mg q10
200mg dhea
Training 5 Times a week
And i eat about 500 calories more than i need
Things got better i Think 1 or 2 morning errections a week and a better Libido but not enough for my age.

But i dont find a doctor that watns to help ervery one says thats normal so i have to look by my selfe for
Tamoxifen and exemestane i get tamoxifen so far
When i also get exemestane i will start
You need both because without exemestane your estradiol levels increase to much letrocol is no alternativ because you get an estradiol Rebound if you stop taking it .

Do you test the testosteron levels before or after the trt ?
I Think you dont need hcg at first hcg is artifcial gnrh
So i Think the you took fin and trt for such a short Time that your Balls Keep their normal Size.
If you want to take it be aware of the dosage you could easy kill your Balls if you take to much 250-500iu ed
Are are enough .
If you take tamoxifen or clomifen you need exemestan
To keep estradiol in Range and for the 6 weeks you take this substances you will feel Bad thats the
side-effekts but its the only Chance i konw to get normal tesosteron levels if you dont want to try that
You should start with the trt with a much shorter
Frequenzy enantat has a halflive of 5.8 days.
And 250mg is about 150mg testostern the other 100mg is the ester weight.
If you start with 150mg testostern with ester 250mg
After 6 days you have 75 mg with ester 125mg
After 12 days 37.25mg … 62.5mg
After 18 days only 13.5 mg …30.125mg
After 3 weeks Less than 10mg i guess.

I Think you should ask to the doc to Injekt it be your selfe and split this ohne Injektion e3w
To 5 Injektions e4d

But dont do both options in the same time so i will try tamox and exe for six weeks if that dosent work ill start trt .
So i also will open a trhead if i got every thing i need to start .

Yea, the fact that TRT worked so well for me for 2 months before estrogen spiked and a natural T booster worked makes me think that testosterone is needed and this may be hypogonadism induced by finasteride.

I think HCG is something I’ll try after being on TRT for a bit.

What is the advantage of injections versus patches? Surely patches is less likely to cause spikes.

I’m not an expert by any means at all but from my understanding is injectables give you the most control around exactly how much you’re putting in your body. Other forms it’s not as clear because it could not absorb to skin or wipe off onto something else, injectables done very often (like twice a week) is the best way to understand exactly how much T is in your body and the frequency helps avoid estrogen spike.

I’m still trying to understand all of this before going back in but that’s what I’ve been reading

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