Hypersexuality before crash


How many of you were hypersexual right before crashing with PFS? Here’s how my experience went:

  • Took fin August 30-31 2018, then quit due to immediate side effects
  • No libido and penile numbness
  • Depression & suicidal ideation started in early October. I’d consider this “mild PFS”
  • Suddenly, on the 19th of October, I felt a “tingle” in my brain and I instantly felt better. By the end of the day, I had no PFS symptoms left. Depression gone, numbness gone, libido back. Felt like a switch had flipped.
  • I was hypersexual on October 29th. I’d be sitting in class having hour-long boners even from just seeing a girl’s face. Also felt extreme confidence, alpha male feeling. I’d imagine this is what steroids feel like.
  • Crashed exactly a week later on November 5th. Suddenly felt very unwell so had to lay down on the couch. The nightmare began a few days later.

What could cause this? A lot of people call it the surge of DHT, maybe it’s DHT hitting the upregulated androgen receptors?

Kind of a random thread here but I always found this phenomenon very interesting.